10 – Hisashi Jogo   2 comments

Name : Hisashi Jogo 城後 寿

Position : Midfield / Forward

DOB : 16 Apr 1986

Height: 1.83m


Nickname :

A local boy from Kurume, Jogo holds a weight of expectation on his shoulders.

Coming back from injury mid-season 2010 he went straight back into the first team as striker and went on to score some crucial goals which got Avispa promotion up to J1. During the summer months he scored some outstanding goals and pulled the team towards the top of the table.

Despite this he has never really looked like a striker, with a skill set and mentality much better suited for a midfield spot or auxiliary striker at best. He likes to hold the ball up rather than lead the line, moves out to the wing rather than breaking into the box, and looks for assists more than towards goal. All things which would be quite good as part of an attacking partnership or in a 3, but not great as the single striker of a 4231.

Can drift out of games at times, but has incredible technique and a penchant for scoring great goals (although it would be great if he could score a few more ‘ugly’ goals).

Has had lots of options to leave the club, but has consistently showed a desire to stay at Avispa and is loved by the fans because of that.

Posted March 28, 2011 by avispafukuoka

2 responses to “10 – Hisashi Jogo

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  1. I believe he should try to play soccer in Brazil. He would definitely get better if he learn from the pros 🙂

  2. It’s an interesting idea. Certainly worked for Kazu Miura. He hasn’t ever played for anyone except Avispa and I can’t imagine him playing for any other club in Japan.

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