Toshiya Sueyoshi   3 comments

Name : Toshiya Sueyoshi

Position : Midfield

DOB : 18 Nov 1987

Height : 1.75m

Weight : 75kg

Nickname : Sue

A young University student brought in by Shinoda in 2010 to try to build a squad he went straight into the side as part of the central midfield.

At the start of the 2010 season I had written that if there was an area of the team which needed strengthening then it was competition for Sueyoshi to offer a little more bite in midfield to base attacks from. From this point forward we got weaker rather than stronger, and this seriously damaged Sueyoshi’s development.

After getting J2 Rookie of the Year in our promotion winning season alongside Nakamachi he never really got any better, and when Nakamachi left he didn’t really improve his game to fill the gap.

It’s a shame as he had the potential to be a good player if he kept working hard, but he seemed to sit back and think he was the finished player.

Moved to Sagan Tosu in 2013. Can’t see him getting many games.

Posted May 8, 2010 by avispafukuoka

3 responses to “Toshiya Sueyoshi

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  1. I’m getting more and more a fan of him!
    I like his style of play, a real worker.
    His goal against Mito was just awsome! Already one of the best Avispa-goals of the season for me.

  2. He has been one of Avispa’s better players in the last month. Probably only behind Nakamachi when the team is being decided.

    I see a lot of shirts with his name on at the moment.

  3. It must be the magic of Hokuto πŸ˜€
    Nagasato wear Hokuto’s old 14 and Sue wear Hokuto’s old old 22 πŸ˜›

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