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A club which got promotion from J2 along with Avispa in 2010 they were the stand-out club of the division going over half the season without being defeated.
Will be hoping to stay in J1 now and continue to be the top club in Chiba as JEF remain in J2.

They play with Leandro Dominguez pulling the strings as playmaker and ended up doing the incredible feat of winning J1 after getting promotion from J2 the previous season.

A club in decline for about the last decade they have managed to maintain a steady attendance of over 10,000.

Got their name from joining the Spanish words for King and Sun.

Based : Kashiwa, Chiba, Kanto

Stadium : Hitachi Stadium (15,900) and Kashiwa no Ha stadium (20,000)

Years in J-league 1 : 15

Years in J-League 2 : 2

English fan-site : If you know one tell me.

Posted May 15, 2010 by avispafukuoka

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