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Name: Daiki Niwa 丹羽 大輝

Position : Centre back

DOB : 16 Jan 1986

Height : 1.80cm

Weight : 72kg

Nickname : Daiki

Niwa seems to go by his first name Daiki rather than being called Niwa. He was Captain of the team in 2009 and 2010, and was very good in this role, but got replaced by Nakamachi for the 2011 season.

Having started his career with Gamba Osaka in J-League 1 at a time when they were challenging for honours he went out on loan to Tokushima Vortis in J2 to get some games. Presumably impressed by what they saw Avispa signed him on a loan deal in 2009., 2010, and will do again for 2011.

He started the 2010 season as Avispa’s best player, but his form dropped a little as that of people like Nakamachi became more important. Similar to Tanaka he isn’t the biggest defender, but has excellent positional sense and time after time seems to pop up at the right time to make an interception or last ditch tackle.

The defence tend to play the ball around themselves waiting for an opening, and it is Daiki who is usually the one to play the pass forward or out to the left-back.

Holds the team together very well, and win or lose takes them round the pitch to thank the supporters after each game.

His performances dropped in 2011 as the team played back in J1, and lost his spot in the team at the end of the season when he started to look less committed to the team and duly went back to Gamba at the end of the season.

Posted May 8, 2010 by avispafukuoka

7 responses to “Daiki Niwa

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  1. hi,
    daiki is still loan from gamba osaka.
    i believe daiki loves fukuoka and will sign permanent deal for next season…

  2. Wow, Thanks for the information.

    I think getting him to sign for Avispa is very important then. Maybe Gamba will see how he is playing and keep him.

    Do you know if Hideya is on loan too?

  3. yes, daiki playing well for avispa, and gamba will want to keep him in next season…
    (I hear that gamba wanted daiki to play for them 2010 season, but daiki decided to play for us this season for some reason. just rumor, but i think that was true.)
    Not-so-mighty avispa is also not so good in finance, and it is hard for us to buy any good players not only daiki….

    BUT hideya came on permanent deal in 2010 season.(2009:loan)

    thank you for reading my strange english.:-)

  4. Your English is great, not strange at all.

    I hope he does sign, but the better he plays the less chance of Gamba letting him I guess.

  5. I hope we will sign him!
    A great, great talent and a good captain!
    It would be a shame, if Gamba would take him away from us. It would be a big hole, whitch can’t be fill with Nanagi, Miyaji or Yamaguchi.
    Daiki is pure class and the best what Avispa happened!

    • He looks like someone who would prefer to be playing every week for us rather than being a substitute for Gamba Osaka.

      He must be learning a lot about positions from Tanaka too,

  6. I forgot it, but we have already signed Daiki in january! 🙂


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