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Worst performance of the season? There have been so many bad ones to choose from I’m not sure.

One thing I am sure about is that the next 4 games should be used to give some of the younger players experience of playing against top division players in front of 15000 people.

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Albirex 3 – 1 Avispa
2′ Homma, 62′ Cho Young, 82′ Cho Young, 88′ Yutaka

And so as expected Avispa got relegated back to J2 after what was an easy win for Niigata. They may have been annoyed at conceding a late goal on one of Avispa’s only meaningful attack, but on the whole will surely be happy at continuing their good run of form.

Avispa were outclassed all over the pitch, especially by Korean Cho Young-Choi who after making 3 goals in the home match made another and scored 2 to confirm him as one of the underrated stars in J1 at the moment.

The scoring started after 2 minutes when Cho easily rounded Yamagata and pulled back for Albirex Captain Homma in acres of space to choose his spot and curl over Kamiyama. I have no idea where Jun and Sueyoshi thought they were but it would be a pattern for the rest of the match as the Albirex midfield could pass around almost at will.

Avispa nearly equalised with a goal from nothing as Shigematsu hit the bar with an ambitious shot from out right, but it would represent Avispa’s only real half chance to score until the 88th minute.

It was no surprise when Albirex doubled their lead, and no surprise it came from the Korean as he curled a shot over Kamiyama after being fed on the left corner of the box by the otherwise unimpressive Michel.
The third goal was due and completed a brace for Cho after Bruno Lopes ran into the box after easily pushing the weak Daiki off the ball, and possibly being fouled in trying to find a team-mate. It didnt matter as the ball fell to Cho to easily score in the unguarded net.

With 10 minutes to go Yutaka was brought on despite us already being relegated, but did at least manage to get a goal for the season after a long ball from Jogo reached Yusuke to lift over the defence for Yutaka to get a goal which apart from him I doubt anyine cared about.

After the match Asano needlessly took responsibility, but also stated that those who were overly dissapointed by relegation wouldn’t be playing in the last 4 games which I hope means we’ll see some fresh faces.

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What little hope the Avispa fans had for the remains of this season evaporated last week with a tame performance from the Avispa resulted in a 3-0 defeat to Sendai in front of a season low crowd of 7000.
By the end of the match the players looked disinterested, and looking for others to blame as mathematical relegation loomed.

Today they face an Albirex team who have done well this season with a striker in Bruno Lopes who hits the post a bit too often but supported by their south korean wing-forward always looks like he could get a goal. Behind the front line they have an uncomplicated midfield and defence which is unlikely to be troubled by a demoralised Avispa attack.

Avispa’s midfield will stay as Suzuki and Sueyoshi despite their ineffectiveness last week because Nakamachi is suspended, but I really hope that Asano now plays some youngsters alongside them to have someone who will be trying their hardest to impress, and might still beat the club next season.
The time for giving experience to loanees who will soon be returning to their original clubs is over. Let Ushinomachi play on a wing instead of Matsuura, see what Masato can do alongside Jogo. The team will likely still lose, but the experience could be invaluable, and maybe they will surprise a few people.

No Matsuura, Shigematsu, Shimizu, Makoto, please. Not because I don’t like them, but because it doesnt help us build.

My Prediction.

Albirex 2 – 0 Avispa

Albirex will get a comfortable win, and even if they don’t it means nothing to Fukuoka. The only thing we can get from this game is competitive preparation for next season, I fear that pride means that Asano will miss the opportunity.

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Kamiyama – 5 Didn’t do anything horribly wrong, but also didn’t make any saves of note. For someone his size and confidence he should be much more commanding at corners and crosses.

Wada – 5 Always plays very narrow when in defence and this opens up the pitch for attacks and crosses. Not used enough in attack, specifically by Suzuki Jun who seemed like he wouldn’t pass to him.

Tatsunori – 5 Running out of steam a bit. Must be hard to keep running when you know you’re down, but that is his only real skill. Outclassed for the important first goal.

Daiki – 5 Sendai were without their best striker but he still looked unable to cope at times.

Kobara – 5 Will be good at J2 level, but that is his level. Needed more aerial presence as the tallest defender

Suzuki Jun – 5 If he put as much energy into tackling as he did into shouting at the full backs we’d have a player. Was often playing behind the defence in some sort of ambitious quaterback role.

Sueyoshi – 4 Offered nothing really. Taken off at half-time and will probably be a substitute until J2.

Hideya – 5 He will always get 6-7 goals in a season from his eye for goal, but is a luxury player for the rest of the time. Doesn’t help much, and doesn’t stretch defences. One good shot on goal.

Jogo – 5 When the going is tough he disappears. Was also shouting at others when he is the striker who has failed to score enough this season.

Naruoka – 4 Still trying to do flick passes, back heels and scorpian kicks. None have worked all season. The three players of Jogo Hideya and Naruoka have technique in spades, but don’t help at a more base level.

Shigematsu – 6 Was our best attacker, but is the opposite of what he is playing with. Needs 2-3 others who will run as much as him to stretch defences.

Nakamachi – 5 Came on and did almost nothing. The guy’s head must be a mess. Will start next week I guess.

Yutaka – 5 One good free-kick, but it is looking increasingly likely I’ll be right that he won’t get a goal this season.

Asano – 5 Maybe too much to get the team up for a 3rd win in a row, but the season is now over. Please start playing players who will get us out of J2 next season, not loanees and players who want to leave.

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Not good viewing for anyone who supports Avispa. We’re not yet mathematically relegated, but it is likely to happen next week.

Action starts at 2.34

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Avispa 0 – 3 Sendai
21′ Matsushita, 68′ Matsushita, 82’Muto

You could watch this game and use it as a summary of the whole season for Avispa. It saw Avispa go through large parts of the game dominating possession and looking the more likely to score, before needlessly giving the ball away outside their own box to concede a goal; then later getting a very bad decision from the referee to totally kill the game.
All it really needed was a horrible goalkeeping mistake and it would be a perfect synopsis of our season.

The team only saw one change from the win against Omiya with Hideya coming in on the wing for the suspended Matsuura. Hideya did OK, but I think it was a huge error to not bring Kim in as a left winger to add more energy and a better crosser of the ball.

Avispa were seeing more of the ball in the first half but only being able to create half-chances with very little penalty box presence. Balls were being sent too straight down the middle with Jogo trying to run onto the ball rather than go and meet it.
They were given a big opportunity after 20 minutes as a Sendai midfielder handballed just inside their half, and then handballed again from the wall as Shigematsu hit at goal. The following free-kick was taken 10 yards closer to goal and nearly wrong footed the keeper as it seemed to take a deflection, but was hacked away by the goalkeepers legs.

Sendai were making very little but as has happened so often Avispa tried to pass the ball around in their own half and Naruoka pretty much gave the ball to Sendai’s #11. He went around Tatsunori on the outside and hit a powerful shot at Kamiyama who could only parry the shot to Matsushita in the middle of the penalty area who scored easily.

Matsushita was getting barracked by the crowd a lot after looking to feign an injury just before half-time, but was able to have the last laugh in the second half by scoring a second goal.
It was another terrible refereeing decision for Avispa as the chunky Korean left back for Sendai played a little basketball with the ball to get past Tatsunori and place a cross right onto Matsushit’s head to double their lead.
All the players and crowd knew it should have been disallowed, but in a game of 6-7 handballs the referee missed the most important and most blatant.

Avispa were finished by now. Suzuki Jun was putting more energy into shouting at the full-backs than he was at getting the ball back, and Asano’s answer to being 2-0 down being to bring on a player who found scoring at J2 level difficult, Yutaka. He hit a good free-kick which whistled just past the post, but doesn’t look capable of doing much beyond that these days.
Hideya had the best shot on goal after the ball came to him on the right of the box but it was quite easily pawed away by the diving Sendai keeper.

Matsushita finished off his good day by putting in a great ball to the substitute Muto who was given way too much space to turn, and hit a shot on the turn which shouldn’t have beaten Kamiyama but did to flatter Sendai.
3-0 did flatter them in my opinion, but actually it could have been 5-0 as the Sendai #9 missed a couple of sitters late on, and then smashed a really good volley against the post.

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After the international break Avispa return to Level-5 stadium with hopes of trying to maintain the form which has seen them win 2 games in a row.
Looking at the run-in it always looked like they might be able to get some wins at the end of the season, but after leaving it too late to start their run it is almost certainly a vain effort. If they had beaten Ventforet Kofu 4 games ago instead of being weakly beaten I may have still been hopeful.

After winning in the Emperor’s Cup they will face Vegalta Sendai in the next round, and play the same opposition in the league this week.
Vegalta have had a good season this year after the horrific events of March, but were very lucky to beat Avispa at home after a horrible decision by the referee to allow a goal after Kamiyama was elbowed off the ball under a high ball.

In that game Avispa had more than held their own, and I am hopeful that at home they should be able to clock up a 3rd win in a row. Vegalta are quite a good team for Avispa to play with solid attack and defence, rather than a quick passing game which seems to be too much for our defence.

I expect Nakamachi to be back in the team despite the manager wanting to keep a winning team. After playing and scoring against Kochi I think that 3 games out of the team will be too much for the club captain with Suzuki Jun likely to drop to the bench (perhaps unfairly). Shigematsu and Jogo to continue up front please.

My Prediction

Avispa 3 – 0 Vegalta Sendai

Very optimistic to predict a blow-out result in bottom vs. 6th, but I think that the League doesn’t tell the full story with these two teams at the moment.
Sendai had an amazing start to the season and are entitled to run out of steam a bit. Avispa have been playing well and know that they are relegated as soon as they don’t win a game.

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