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A small town club who have never achieved anything apart from being the club with the most disgusting coloured strip in world football.

They were the only club to have been stuck in J-league 2 since it was first introduced and never really looked like they might get promotion until the 2011 season when with Avispa in J1 they slipped to promotion when no-one was looking.

They manage to get crowds of about 6,000 people who can’t afford the 30 minute train ride to come and watch a proper club playing in Fukuoka.

Based : Tosu, Saga

Stadium : Inaka Stadium (24,000)

Years in J-league 1 : 7 less than Avispa

Years in J-League 2 : 11

English fan-site : None

Posted May 15, 2010 by avispafukuoka

2 responses to “Sagan Tosu

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  1. Tosu is a town in Saga, not Fukuoka…that would be a shame for Fukuoka 😛

  2. I was probably just thinking that Saga should just give up and become part of Fukuoka.
    I think my work is might be closer to Tosu than it is to Fukuoka unfortunately.

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