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Based in Saitama they share the city with their more famous neighbours Urawa Reds and share in the hotly contested Saitama derby a couple of times each season.
Playing in a quite revolting shade of orange they are among a group of clubs who along with Avispa are mainly concerned with trying to stay in J1, with a good season probably being to end up in the top half of the season and taking 6 points off Urawa.
Getting average crowds of just over 10000 they will be looking to increase crowd size to give themselves the revenue to get bigger.
Get their Ardija name from the Spanish word for Squirrel, which is also where they get their orange kit from.

Based : Saitama.

Stadium : Nack5 Stadium (15500)

Years in J-League 1 : 7 (Highest 12th 2006 2008 2010)

Years in J-League 2 : 6

English fansite : Omiya Allez Allez

Posted January 10, 2011 by avispafukuoka

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