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A club in competition with Tokyo Verdy to be the greenest club in Japan they are a new addition to J-League 2 after promoting in 2007 (at a time when I lived in Gifu).

Probably happier to be cementing their position in J-league 2 before relegation starts, rather than seriously aiming at promotion they have recently changed stadiums.

One of the 4 clubs to not bother with a funny name.

Based : Gifu City, Chubu.

Stadium : Nagaragawa stadium (31,000)

Years in J-League 1 : 0

Years in J-League 2 : 3

English fan-site : Forza FC Gifu

Posted May 15, 2010 by avispafukuoka

One response to “FC Gifu

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  1. Hey nice site, just discovered it.
    How long were you in Gifu for???

    Gifu has changed to Meadow for this year but thats just while Nagaragawa is being fixed up. Next year, they’ll be back.

    Anyway good luck this year!

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