17 – Kazuki Yamaguchi   Leave a comment

Name : Kazuki Yamaguchi 山口 和樹

Position : Centre-Back

DOB : 7 Oct 1986

Height: 1.86m


Nickname :

Probably the most popular player at the club after Jogo, and mostly due to being a really nice guy who always has time for the fans and his team-mates, rather than for amazing performances on the pitch.

Is an old-fashioned type of defender, good at throwing himself into tackles and trying to get his head to balls, but is not at his most comfortable when running back at goal or with the ball at his feet.

Avispa through and through, and a useful player to have at this level, but needs to be played in a way which suits his game rather than being asked to do things he can’t. Is never going to say no to doing something, but shouldn’t be put in the position where he should.

Has been unlucky with injuries, but will hopefully now have a full season to establish himself as a good J2 player.

Is never going to let the team down, and has the biggest heart at the club, but technical deficiencies are always going to limit him.

Posted March 27, 2011 by avispafukuoka

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