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Name : Norihisa Shimizu 清水 範久

Position : Midfield

DOB : 4 Oct 1976

Height: 1.70m


Nickname :

Information about Shimizu is fairly obvious. He came to Avispa from Yokohama F Marinos having had a career in top level football unmatched by anyone at the club apart from Makoto Tanaka. After 200 games in J1 he has obvious class, but at 35 years old he is also at the end of his career.

Looks very good when he has the ball, rarely giving the ball away and linking play well, but having lost a lot of his pace getting onto the ball can be a problem.

Will be useful in some games this year, against opponents who play at a slow pace perhaps, and is hopefully invaluable in training with the younger players, but isn’t someone who should be expected to play 30 games at a high level during the season.

Only managed 5 appearances in all, 3 of which as a substitute, and while he did ok his legs are gone and wasn’t a good transfer for us.

Posted March 28, 2011 by avispafukuoka

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