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I’ve started writing this fan page for Avispa Fukuoka having recently moved to Fukuoka and started watching all of the home games for my local club, Avispa Fukuoka.

I have watched football for many years and decided to make a fan page in English as I couldn’t find any other page with information about the club.

It is quite interesting to find out information for myself about the players, and get my own opinions on the club and how they perform as I can’t really understand anything anyone else says about them, so I’m not swayed by past reputations or TV analysis of the club like I am when watching the Premier League. I’d be interested to find out one day if the Japanese people watching think the same as I do about the players and their performances.

I’ll try to provide as much information as I can about the club, the players and the matches so if anyone wants to follow Avispa Fukuoka in English in the future then hopefully they will be able to.

Posted May 5, 2010 by avispafukuoka

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  1. Hi

    I’ve just started an English fansite for Cerezo and have added your blog to my list. Could you add mine to your site?

    Much appreciated!

  2. Nice WordPress page for Avispa Fukuoka –

    I looked at the latest highlight that you posted, and noticed how empty the stands were! Is it always like that? It looks the same as when I go to watch Thai Army United here in Bangkok – hope to make it back to Japan soon for a quick trip –

    thanks again for the J1 page

  3. It depends which game you go to, some grounds get close to a sell out, some grounds are left over from the World Cup and have huge empty spaces.

    The highlights you saw are from Toyota stadium for Nagoya Grampus which has a 45000 capacity. They might half fill it, but it still looks empty.

  4. We are looking for sports fans from all cities of japan who may be interested in providing realtime stats from sports venues(football/basketball/volleyball)to our callcenter on their free days/spare time. Payment is 70 Eu per game for j1 ,60 eu per game at j2 league matches. If interested or know someone who might be interested pls contact me for further details (

  5. Alright mate! Just wanted to give a big thank you to you; I’ve been following your blog and Avispa’s highs and lows for the past three years or so. I started following the blog because I wanted some more football action during the off-season for the EPL, but I’ve ended up becoming really emotionally invested in Avispa. I’m at university in London now, but I’ve been following you since I was in school up north and I felt like some appreciation was in order. Your writing is some of the best, most critical and interesting football writing I’ve ever read, and I’m so glad you keep the blog updated religiously! Your match updates via email are one of the only thing that keeps me alive on the tube! Again, thank you very much; you run an amazing blog, and long may it continue! Jamie

    Jamie Charlton
    • Thanks very much, it’s always nice to know someone somewhere is reading!

      I hope you’re able to feel part of the club, hope you can make it to a game some time!

  6. Hey, I really like you blog – good job. I’m Alexander Lanegger and I’m working for one of the biggest digital sports media companies in the world – PERFORM – and are 2 famous site of ours. We are looking for someone in Fukuoka area to work as a data collector at football games for our websites. Are you interested?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you,

    • Hi, Thanks for the visit.

      Let me know what sort of thing you would need, I go to every game (and watch lots of other J2 games) so if it is something which can be done quite easily from that I may be able to help.

  7. Great. Can you please just give me your mail address? I will forward some details and documents with more information then.


  8. Hey, are you interested?

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