Takanori Nakajima   5 comments

Name: Takanori Nakajima 中島 崇典

Position : Left back

DOB : 9 Feb 1984

Height : 1.77m

Weight : 74kg

Nickname : Nakaji

A popular player with the fans, of all the players who left after the 2010 season I was most surprised that Nakaji ended up leaving the club.

First choice left-back for 3 seasons in Fukuoka he was billed as a set-piece specialist and is proficient at this, but has only scored 2 goals in his career so probably doesn’t deserve any sort of reputation for it.

Has the ability to play Hollywood passes with his left foot, but over the course of a season will probably cost more goals with his dodgy positioning than he will create with his sporadic good balls.

Kashiwa Reysol had probably seen a highlights reel of his assists from the season, and may well get a shock when they see him on a weekly basis as I don’t think he will cope with the demands that a J1 right winger may represent.

Can be a bit hot-headed and gets involved in on-field battles which will see him pick up at least 1 red card a season.

Posted May 8, 2010 by avispafukuoka

5 responses to “Takanori Nakajima

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  1. My fave!

  2. really???
    hmm…that’s sad…
    I think he is a good worker and hard to replace…

  3. I think we all love nakaji.
    The reason why some people often say bad things about nakaji is because though he has good talent, he seems to be “fickle” a bit. Now he is a good worker, of cause, but he was occasionally not to be in the field.

    Recently he improves in his persistence and is good at defence, not only attack. We should expect more from him!

  4. I hope he will be back after the month break.

    The team will start to look very attacking if him and Yamagata are at full-back, and Yusuke and Jogo also play.

    I want to be there to see one of his free-kicks go in.

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