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vs. Oita Trinita (youtube)   3 comments

I’ve found the Avispa goals as usual, and have been sent great footage of Kamiyama’s save by karaage in the comments section.


Okubo getting the penaly and then scoring it.

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vs. Oita Trinita (Events and Ratings)   Leave a comment

Avispa Fukuoka 2 : 1 Oita Trinita

5 : GOAL. Oita Trinita score in front of their fans with a headed goal from a corner. Earlier warnings about the speed of their counter-attack hadn’t been heeded.

18: GOAL. Avispa equaliser as Nakamachi is left unmarked at a corner to head in an excellent Kudo cross from a corner.

55: Kamiyama gets a hand on a sharp volley hit from outside the area to tip it onto the post and make a very good save.

60: Yusuke comes on for Okamoto and immediately starts to scare the Oita team and give energy boost to team-mates.

87: GOAL. Okubo holds the ball up in the box and gets hacked down by 1 of 3 defenders trying to harry him.
Stands up to take the penalty himself and gets very lucky as it squirms under the keeper.


Kamiyama – 9. Still needs to practice coming off his line to command area at crosses, but showed excellent shot-stopping to make 2 world-class saves and get all 3 points for Avispa.

Miyaji – 7. Playing at left-back in place of Nakajima again and did ok. Beaten for pace by a very good Korean a couple of times, but overall good.

Yamagata – 7. Caught up field for a late counter after possibly being fouled. Generally good.

Daiki – 7. Had a difficult afternoon against 2 very powerful strikers, but managed to control them for most of the game.

Tanaka – 8. Made a couple of key interceptions with his excellent positioning. Cleared the ball well rather than sit on it for too long.

Kudo – 8. Still has excellent crossing ability, and did a good 70 minutes of running today. Would love to have a version of him 10 years younger.

Nagasato – 8. Worked some excellent triangles with Nakamachi, and looks to be working up a very good understanding.

Nakamachi – 9. Man of the Match. Is starting to add some strong tackling to his game to become an all-action midfielder. Another excellent header for the goal. Almost never gave the ball away.

Sueyoshi – 7. A couple of long shots, and helped to edge midfield. I’d love to see him putting in some big tackles against technical oposition.

Okubo – 6. Did a couple of very nice knock-downs, but seems to be struggling with timing at the moment. Won and scored the winning goal quite fortuitously.

Okamoto – 6. Made some good runs, but never really threatened goal. Made an opportunity and should have crossed for Genki to tap in but took a difficult shot.


Tanaka – 7. On for Okamoto. Has real pace and scared the defence and goalkeeper.

Suzuki – 6. On for Kudo. Got bossed around a bit after he came on. tried to tackle hard for derby, but it is not his natural game.

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Having been a little nervous about this game I was pleased to see that Makoto Tanaka was back in the starting line-up for Avispa, and that one of Oita’s 2 Korean strikers was absent.

Having said that I was still thinking that I would be happy with a draw in this game, and after 3 minutes it looked like I was correct to be nervous as Oita came close to an opening goal after a very fast counter-attack which led to a 3-on-3 situation. Fortunately there was no goal but the warning about Oita’s ability on the counter-attack hadn’t been heeded and for a second time Trinita raced forwards after stopping an Avispa attack and won a corner after Daiki blocked a shot in the box.

I’ve come to dread corners recently as we don’t seem to be able to defend them well at all, with Kamiyama staying on his line and not a lot of height in the side apart from Okubo who seems to have a timing issue with his jumping. Sure enough number 13 of Trinita had a near free header from the middle of goal and knocked an easy header in to take a 1-0 lead.

Oita have a very fast, clever passing game with 2 big strikers who are very willing to run and battle, and I was thinking my prediction of a defeat was looking very possible as they were going to be able to sit back and continue to fly forward on their excellent counter-attacks.

Avispa didn’t stop playing and with Nakamachi excellent again in midfield did always look like they had the chance to score an equaliser. Playing small triangles with Kudo and Genki down both wings they were always looking to slide Okamoto through the edge of the penalty area. From one of these attacks Avispa won a corner of their own. Right in front of the Ultras in great voice Nakamachi managed to meet the ball unopposed right in the middle of the goal and forced the ball over the line for the equaliser.
He has scored a lot of goals exactly like this in the recent run of good form. He isn’t a very tall player, but has excellent timing and possibly because of his relatively small height is not picked up by opposition teams at corners. If he continues scoring goals like this it won’t be long before other clubs start seeing him as the main threat at set pieces.

Staying at 1-1 until half-time the game occasionally looked like it might get out of control as a few of the players were not happy with the referee and started taking their frustration out on each other.

The 2nd half stayed much the same with Nakamachi working clever passes with the wing players and looking to slide Okamoto or Genki through on goal. Okubo was again mostly ineffective but did do a couple of nice flick-ons which led to chances without ever reatlly threatening a goal.

Having been under pressure for much of the half Oita suddenly had a chance as their Korean #11 showed good technique to hit a volley from the edge of the box. Heading into the far edge of the goal Kamiyama pulled off a great save to tip it onto the post.

After 60 minutes Yusuke Tanaka made a welcome return from injury to replace Okamoto and made an immediate impact. I hadn’t realised quite how fast he is, and he kept running the whole time he was on the pitch; making tackles in midfield, hurrying the keeper, and offering a real threat with pace which Avispa otherwise don’t have.
Looking like the most likely route to a winning goal for either team it was a surprise that Okubo was key in actually getting it. Receiving the ball in the middle of the box and surrounded by 3 defenders he was hacked down for a penalty with 5 minutes left to play.
Getting up to take it himself he took a terrible penalty kick, which the goalkeeper seemed to dive too early for and allowed to slide under himself and be fumbled into the goal to give Avispa what looked to be a winning goal.

The crowd started to celebrate the win, but were left very thankful to Kamiyama again as in the last minute of the game he pulled off a 2nd incredible save after Oita had done another fast counter-attack down the wing with #9 directing a good header into the corner of the goal. They should have still socred from the rebound, but it was instead blazed over the bar to ensure Avispa would take all 3 points.

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After last week Avispa are probably the most in-form club in J2 at the moment with 5 wins out of the last 6 games, with the only game not won being a good away win against JEF.

As a team which thrives on confidence I hope this means that they start the Kyushu derby with Oita at a fast pace next week with an aim to play high up the pitch rather than sit back and be patient.

Oita are under-performing this season having relegated from J1, and have the class to unlock our defence if we let them settle. Especially with their Korean striker.

Hopefully Tanaka will be back, even if Nakamachi is still injured.

Avispa are quite big favorites to win (2.2 – 44%) with Oita having a very long price (3.5 – 28%). I think this is unrealistic, and especially in a derby match Oita could be a very difficult game.

My prediction – Avispa 0 – 2 Oita Trinita
I would be happy with a draw in this game, I think Oita will visit Level 5 stadium knowing they must win to get their season going again and if Avispa let them settle they will score and Avispa might lose confidence.

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vs. Tochigi (youtube)   5 comments

I missed watching the game by heading down to the beach instead, but came home to find that my prediction had come true with Avispa getting a 2-1 win, with Okubo managing to get a winning goal.

The win takes Avispa to 4th in the table, the top ranked Kyushu club, and within a couple of wins of being in the automatic promotion spots.

Avispa had another good start to the game as Hideya controlled a ball well in the middle before playing a great pass out to Genki who placed a perfect shot across the keeper into the far corner.

Tochigi managed an equaliser, apparently a headed goal from a free kick (I haven’t yet found it on youtube) which is a worry as we seem to be conceding a lot of goals from headers at set pieces.

In the 54th minute Okubo bundled the ball in to score the winning goal after a very nice piece of skill by Okamoto (thanks Ben) to chest the ball into his path within the penalty box.

Next week we have another Kyushu derby at Level 5 stadium as Oita Trinita come visiting.

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vs. Tochigi SC (pre-match)   2 comments

Avispa travel to Fukushima tomorrow to play a Tochigi team who after losing 2 of the 1st 3 games of the season are currently on an 11 match unbeaten run, having won their last 4 games.

I’m hoping that Nakajima’s injury from the Tokushima game is not going to stop him from playing as he is an important player in starting attacks, and Miyaji didn’t look totally comfortable playing at left-back last week.

Despite being lower in the table, and playing away from home, Avispa are favorites to win (2.55 (37%)), narrowly ahead of Tochigi (2.89 (33%)).

Betting odds

My Prediction: Tochigi SC 1 : 2 Avispa Fukuoka.
Tochigi have to lose at some point, and the game against Tokushima was the best I have seen the midfield play. Okubo to score his first goal for a long time.

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