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No new players announced, but several high profile players were announced as being Avispa players for the 2015 season.

I wasn’t happy that Sueyoshi came back yesterday to re-create his ‘special’ midfield partnership with Suzuki Jun from 2012. I am no more optimistic about the season having seen who is still going to be at the club again next year.

The biggest news was announced today that…

Hisashi Jogo : will stay at the club for another season.

I know that as a local boy with family who sit in the stands, and a penchant for scoring amazing goals there will be a lot of happy supporters about this news.
I don’t count myself as one of them. Jogo has undoubted talent, but it is totally unfulfilled talent. Before Pusnik started at the club I wrote a post saying one of his biggest challenges would be to try and solve the Jogo puzzle, and to his credit he really tried to do so. He played him in various positions, discovered that potentially he could actually become very useful in these positions if he was open-minded to a new challenge, but also found out that maybe Jogo is a puzzle which doesn’t want to be solved.
I wish that one day Jogo sits back and realises that he had chances to listen and get better, but at 28 I think he is probably very comfortable with the unwarranted adulation he gets (he touched the ball less than 15 times in the last game of the season but still had his name chanted 7 times), and doesn’t feel the need to listen to anyone else and improve his game in any way.
I’d describe him as a complex, unambitious, maverick player in the mould of someone like Matt Le Tissier, but without the talent. If you take the talent out of Matt Le Tissier you aren’t left with very much unfortunately.

The worst news announced today is…

Masahiro Koga : will stay at the club for another year.
This confirms something I wrote a couple of weeks ago after he didn’t retire on the pitch in the final game of the season that he is staying at the club for another year.
This is total insanity.
I don’t believe that anyone at the club would be stupid enough to give him another contract, he stopped being able to run in 2012 and had what appeared to be a heart attack on the pitch in 2013, but what it does mean is that when he came to the club at the start of 2012 someone at the club gave an unfit 33 year old a 4 year contract (at least, I dread to see if he is here next season!)
This is at a club which during that time have been declared bankrupt twice, and based on what his last wage in J1 was must be earning at least 20,000,000 yen a year.
If he starts a single game this year it means we are in serious trouble. I’d much prefer to play Kazuki (even if he is spending most of his days in an office).

The most underwhelming news is…

Shoki Hirai : will stay for another year.
This also means that he got a 2 year contract last season because he did absolutely nothing last year after arriving at the club with a big name and history of scoring a hattrick in the ACL.
We needed a striker so badly last season, especially from August onwards when Ishizu and Punosevac had left, Sakata was injured, and Kanamori was away on international duty. The stage was set for Hirai to fill: he did absolutely nothing. I think he scored 1 goal (the 4th in a 4:2 win) despite playing in every game.
I’m sure he thinks a lot of himself because he once played with Yasuhito Endo, and his old team-mates just won J1. He would be better watching tapes from last season and seeing that he still has a lot of work to do.
Similar to Sakai I can’t really see what his skill is. He looks from old clips to be direct and dribble into the box. I didn’t see much of that last season, and he certainly doesn’t have the pace, height or strength to do much other than be a fox-in-the-box.

The most forgettable news is…

Kota Morimura : will stay for another year.
This also means that he got a 2 year contract because he was close to useless last year too.
He always looks like he might have a player inside him trying to get out, but I’m not sure who that player is.
Did OK at Kitakyushu where they play a direct game with the midfielders having little responsibility other than running towards the box and shooting as much as they can. Maybe this is the only way he can play, as soon as you rely on him, or give him an actual job to do he will let you down.
The first thing he should do is leave the chewing gum on the bench when he goes out to play.


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  1. This is just so frustrating. Koga again. I’ve never seen a 4-year contract in Japan, bet it’s five.

    The letter from Jogo to his fans made me feel queasy. “Be nice to Jun and Sue even if they aren’t me, and welcome Hokuto who I am going to mention here to make sure you know I am the senpai.” His attitude is awful.

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