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I got 2 things right in the last week. Firstly that Noriyoshi Sakai would be staying for another year on loan (confirmed yesterday), and secondly that we haven’t seen the last old player return to the club as it was announced that Tetsuya Sueyoshi was coming back to the club after 2 years away with Sagan Tosu.

I was really disappointed that they had brought Suzuki Jun back; I have lost almost all hope for the season with news that Sueyoshi is also going to come back.
We haven’t had a midfield for 5 years, and while Sueyoshi is better than Suzuki Jun, we have now made exactly the same awful midfield which meant we finished 18th in 2012. The biggest problem during 2012 was that Sueyoshi and Suzuki in midfield were the worst midfield in the division, offering absolutely no protection for the defence.
They then left the club, became very unpopular with the supporters, and have now come back. I really don’t understand the thinking behind what has happened at the club in the last 3 months.

Since October we have lost a manager who was very popular with the supporters and brought back 2 players who had previously failed at the club and are very unpopular with the supporters. The scariest part being that maybe the management now think that we are ok for midfield when anyone who has seen Suzuki and Sueyoshi before know that we still have no-one to play in midfield, and now have players the supporters should give no time to.

In addition to Sueyoshi coming back lots of other new players have arrived today.

Tetsuya Sueyoshi : Won Rookie of the Year in his first season at the club and looked like he could become a useful player if he kept working hard.
Unfortunately we only really found out how good Nakamachi was after he left and Sueyoshi was exposed as someone who wasn’t really dynamic enough to cope as part of a midfield 2 (or 2.5).
He left the club to go to Sagan Tosu, something which really should be seen as unforgivable, and then after not even making onto their bench he has come back to Avispa asking for his old job back.
It doesn’t mean he can’t do well. He has excellent technique at times, and has more success with long shots and set pieces than anyone else at the club now Takeda has left. What it does mean is that we have to play a formation which makes space for his weaknesses (not as part of a midfield 2), and have the correct players playing next to him (not Suzuki Jun).
It also needs him to know that he still isn’t very good. Like many, many players in Japanese football he stopped getting any better as soon as he thought he’d done enough to stay as a pro-footballer. Winning Rookie of the Year was the worst thing for him, and he needs to forget what has happened before and work hard to get better.

“I am going to be playing back at Avispa for the first time in 3 seasons. I was able to experience many things as a footballer in the last 2 years. I will try to do my best to take advantage of this experience and contribute to more victories.
I will try my best to aim for promotion, and thank you for your support.”

Also arriving at the club is 19 year old goal-keeper Kousuke Nakamura:

Kousuke Nakamura : Coming on loan from Kashiwa Reysol this is obviously a player that Ihara knows about having previously worked at that club.
Having said that he is only 19 years old, and while Iker Casillas may have been thrown in goal this is Japan and he isn’t going to start ahead of Kamiyama., especailly at only 184cm.
It isn’t good news for me because Kamiyama needs to have competition, and with just Kasagawa and a 19 year old as his competition we don’t really have many options.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kousuke Nakamura from Kashiwa Reysol. I’ll try my best to help Avispa Fukuoka become a force to challenge for promotion to J1. Thank you.”

We have also tried to fill up some spaces in defence at both centre-back and full-back…

Mizuki Hamada: Probably the most interesting player coming into the squad this year it looks like Hamada may have come to Avispa to play in the first team.
Arriving from Urawa Reds he is 24 years old, 186cm, and has already played 33 games at J1 level including games at Albirex last year so is presumably well known by our new General Manager.
Not being able to get games in the Urawa defence is no shame (they are one of the richest clubs in the league), and is well-rated by Urawa fans who think he is going to a good job for us in J2.
He actually started his football career in America where he played for their U15 team before being signed by Urawa. This gives me more confidence that this will work out as he has experience of a more direct, aggressive game which I still think is the best philosophy for Avispa to follow.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Mizuki Hamada. I want to make a good first impression on the supporters in helping to contribute towards victories and trying my best from the very first day. Let’s fight together towards promotion to J1. Thanks for your support.”

Masashi Kamekawa : Another defender arriving who looks like he will probably go straight into the team at full-back having played about half the games for Shonan over the last 2 seasons. He is listed as being right-footed, which with the arrival of Hokuto too may spell bad news for Mishima, unless he plays on the left (which apparently he has also done previously.
At 176cm he isn’t the smallest full-back in the world, and will hopefully be able to add a little height at the back post for when Kamiyama fails to come for a cross.
He has trained with the U-22 team in J3, but will hopefully be able to play over 30 games at J2 level which will help his footballing education more than another season of doing that.

“I want to try and help contribute towards Avispa being able to aim for promotion to J1. I also want to develop my skills individually with an aim of going to the Olympics so will work hard every day towards this goal. During my 3 years at Shonan I have developed an aggressive running game and want to show these skills I’ve learned from my previous manager.”


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3 responses to “Lots of new players (including Sueyoshi back)

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  1. Nakamura is the excellent goalkeeper of Japan U20 and 1m84 isn’t small, he has plenty of presence and charisma.

    • That sounds really good. I really like young players being given a chance and hope that he can push Kamiyama for the first team position.

      Speaking as a European 184cm is a little small for a keeper, but as I also said Iker Casillas made his debut at 18 and is only 185cm so if he is good enough he is old enough (and tall enough!).

  2. I’d say 1m85 is a good average for the position. Tons of great goalkeepers around that height.

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