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As Avispa still chase their first new player for 2015 another name is being mentioned as Hokuto Nakamura is being linked with a return to the club.

The club are clearly trying to make their first signing to be something which will make an impact with the fans having first been linked with Inamoto, then Pecnik, and now a player who is still a huge favorite with the fans despite having left here over 6 years ago.

He is a combative full-back or wing-back who was very highly rated as a youngster, playing for Japan at representative level, and being highlighted by Ivica Osim as a Japanese youngster who would be able to make it in Europe.
Unfortunately he then had a series of knee injuries which slowed down his progress, but still recovered well enough to get a transfer to FC Tokyo from Avispa and play close to 100 games for them.

He is currently at Omiya Ardija, but it is being rumored that someone at the club wants to try and bring him back.

If he is fit then I think it is a really good signing; really good on a number of different levels.

Obviously the main concern would be on the pitch where he would immediately be our best player, and help with the defensive aspect of our game which needs to have someone who can put a boot in. Personally I’d explore whether he feels he could come here and play in a midfield destroyer role alongside Nakahara.
He has played as a volante early in his career, and as with Takeda last year could be asked to come in and sit in midfield rather than chasing young wingers from J2.

Secondly I think he should immediately be installed as Captain at the club. He is a huge favorite with the fans, will become the biggest seller of shirts, and is a Captain who will try to encourage others rather than sit back silently like Jogo did last year. It also gives Jogo something of a kick up the backside, here is a player who started at a similar time to Jogo, went away and played in J1 and can come back to be a bigger name and better player for the young players around the club to look up to.

I wonder if he could convince his ex-team-mate Hirayama to come with him. That’s the player I really think could score goals in J2 and get us promotion straight up to J1.


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5 responses to “Hokuto Nakamura?

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  1. Nakahara in midfield for Avispa would be a dream. But no other big transfers have panned out – and even if this did I do not want to see another Koga situation where our dreams are pinned on someone who should have retired.

    • He has had injury problems but it feels a lot different to Koga.
      He is still only 29.
      When Koga arrived he was already nearly 34, and his legs had clearly gone. Things were made worse in that he was given at least a 3 year contract.

      I say at least because I don’t think he is going to go out quietly, and Fujimoto retiring on the pitch in the last game of the season (or the guy who gave him his shirt in the last game the year before) would have been the perfect time to do it.
      Maybe I am being pessimistic, but I think he will be with us next year (meaning we gave a 4 year deal to a 34 year old while we were bankrupt!).

  2. He had flashes at Omiya, but was kind of a disappointment for most of the season. Going back to Fukuoka would probably be the best thing for all parties. Good luck next year and hopefully I get down to Kyuushu!

    • So it has been announced officially. I’m quite optimistic that this could be a good deal for everyone.

      What are your opinions on whether he could play as a defensive minded midfielder? That is the position where we really need somebody (and have done for about 5 years!)

  3. Are you talking about having him play in the center of the field? I think it wouldn’t be a good fit. He was very tentative all year. It seemed like when he would get into a bit of a groove, he’d get injured and be out for weeks. I think he’d be best suited as a wing in a 3-5-2 or 3-6-1 scheme. He never played anywhere but on the wing.

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