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Things seem to be happening at Avispa after our new shareholders have arrived.

It looks like some of the office staff at the club have finally been able to sell the idea of the club to some local businesses, and managed to get a shirt front sponsor from “Fukuoka Jisho Ltd”.

This name won’t mean anything to anyone who lives outside of Fukuoka, and on it’s own probably doesn’t mean very much to most people who do live here, but is actually quite a big player in the commercial real-estate world within Fukuoka City.

Inside Fukuoka City there are a few large shopping complexes and this company owns 2 of the most famous; Canal City (a fairly high-end shopping mall along the river in Tenjin) and Marinoa City (an outlet type shopping mall near the harbour).
It also has interests in Konoha Mall, Riverside in Kitakyushu, and the Grand Hyatt hotel.
All of these are fairly high profile businesses in the city, and I would guess the only way to get this sort of business is to sell a club which will be pushing for promotion to J1 this year, rather than struggling mid-table with a low budget.

The contract with this company is for 3 years, and I would guess that they will expect us to be pushing for the play-offs and promotion in that time.


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  1. This is really nice to see. Solvency looks good on Avispa.

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