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There are still a few names announced as leaving the club, but nothing very significant, and no real surprises.

In fact a bigger surprise is that there has been so little movement at the club.
We were apparently far into talks with Junichi Inamoto before he decided to head to Sapporo, which is positive in that it means that we have a lot of money to spend and are looking for midfielders, but negative in that we might be repeating the mistake of bringing past it J1 players down to Fukuoka to retire.

Players gone:

Keisuke Shimizu
At some point in a goal-keepers career he should probably be told that if he is under 1m75 and can’t jump then he should probably look at doing something different.
I know he was listed as 1m83 on the Avispa homepage, but having stood near the guy I think that is probably wishful thinking, and while wearing his winter studs.
He’ll get a club somewhere, and will sit on the bench somewhere new for another season, but will be quickly forgotten in Fukuoka.
His farewell comment could potentially be seen as trying to make a statement of sorts:
“It was short period of just one year, but thanks to the fans and supporters at Avispa Fukuoka. The goal was to get promotion to j1, and we were not able to achieve that goal.
It became a very frustrating season in not being able to contribute towards the team, but I think that under the new leadership of Mr. Ihara Avispa can fight for promotion to J1. Thank you very much.

Eijiro Takeda
A much bigger surprise that the failed Shimizu going back after his loan is seeing Takeda go back to his parent club at the end of the season.
He will not get anywhere near the Yokohama F Marinos team, and I would have thought it would be in the interest of everyone to try to keep him at the club. Maybe he will come back, but in previous years this hasn’t happened with loan players who were allowed back to their previous clubs.
Takeda seemed like a player who made up for his technical and physical deficiencies by working very hard and playing with intelligence. As part of that I’d expect him to have the intelligence to know he has just had his best season, playing in a new role and become and important part of a decent sized club. This hasn’t happened previously in his career, and while he may be able to get a contract at somewhere like Kumamoto or Thespa the money he already has in the bank from this season would give him a head-start on a new club.
For these reasons I think it is more likely that the club chose not to offer him another year, which unless we have some serious players coming in for midfield and left-back is likely to be a mistake.
To think Abe still hasn’t been sent home while Takeda has is a fairly crazy situation.

A translation of his comments (apologies to Takeda if this is wrong, I know he can speak English and see where it is wrong!)
“I will now leave Avispa Fukuoka; Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I will not forget this one year fighting for this team called Avispa, the fans, and the city we love. Especially I will not forget the fans at the club who always cheered the team regardless of what was on the pitch. Of course I had a feeling to stay at Avispa, but I also felt that as a professional player I wanted to continue to challenge myself so decided to leave Avispa.
I will fight for a different team, but will try to stay active and want to come back. Thank you.”

Atomu Nabeta
I cannot understand how some of these players are still professional at 23 years old, in J1 clubs, and make such little impact dropping down a division to play against bottom half J2 clubs.
It is an even bigger mystery how Jinno thought he might be able to come in and replace the goal threat of Ishizu. He had clearly never seen the guy play.
Needs to start looking for a club in J3 where he will play every match, get chances to improve his game on the pitch. An example of what happens to young Japanese players who end ups itiing on the bench for their early 20s.
I can’t be bothered to translate his goodbye speech.


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