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This time of year is wen Avispa have traditionally become something of a revoloving door as players come and go and whoever the new manager will be (I don’t think Ihara has been officially announced yet) have to try and create a team with whoever ends up at the club once the recruitment roulette wheel stops.

It is one of the most important times of the year, but one which Avispa don’t seem able to get right.
I would love at one point to keep a bunch of players from one season to the next, but at the moment the squad from 2014 were so bad that we probably need to get rid of all of them and try to start again.

The first out have been some fairly obvious choices….

Chris Kinjo
Half-American Kinjo certainly looked the part, and was a promising addition to the club arriving as an athletic midfielder with experience in Europe, at a time when we desperately needed someone who could come in and offer some dynamism to the midfield.
Unfortunately he never lived up to the role getting only 2 substitute appearances, including once in defence in the match where we ended up with 9 players and Jogo in goal against Kumamoto.
Again this season we had no players capable of doing a job in midfield, and if he couldn’t get a game (even from the bench) this year then his career probably lies away from football.
Will probably need to drop down to J3 to get a game, but I can’t see much chance of return from there and would be better off trying to find a club which will give him 20+ games at the bottom of J2 and try to learn the game.

“I’m indebted to the club for the last 1 and a half years.
Team-mates, staff, supporters and fans, thanks for your support. It’s been decided that I will leave Avispa, but I’ll still cheer the club. Thank you.”

Tam Sheang Tsung
Total mystery of a player, I can only guess game to the club as some part of a deal with the J-League about trying to make the Japanese game more popular in SE Asia.
Supposedly an attacking midfielder, but that was a position where we had quite a lot of other players (albeit ones who couldn’t create much).
It has already been established that Avispa players won’t pass to foreigners unless they have absolutely no other option, and the Malaysian was never going to work out.
I only saw him once against the U22 Japan team when he played quite well in a 25 minute cameo, but only when put into the context of being someone who was only at the club after winning the chance on the back of a cereal packet.

“Everyone, thank you for your support this year.
I tried to cheer on the team, but it was a frustrating feeling not being able to help the first team.
I will not forget this feeling, and will work hard to improve more in the future. I will continue to work hard, so hopefully I can give back to everyone who has supported me during this time. Thank you.”

Tokio Hatamoto
Hatamoto was a player who after his debut season in 2012 I thought might have a future at the club. He came in when we were very fragile defensively and put in a couple of man of the match performances when Koga had just come to the club and was generally dragging the rest of the team down.
I thought that he should have got more chances, and that we might have needed him when he was allowed to go out on loan to Kanazawa this season.
It turns out I was probably wrong because even though Kanazawa were at the top of J3 this season, Hatamoto only managed 6 games.
If he is only able to get on the pitch 6 times in J3 then he isn’t going to be the answer to any problems we have in the defence in J2.

“After 3 years I will be leaving Avispa Fukuoka.
I learned a lot of things during this time at my first professional club.
I had warm support from everyone in Fukuoka, but it was frustrating that I was not able to show a contribution on the pitch.
I want to continue to get better, and won’t forget this experience. Thank you.”

Masaya Nozaki
What on earth was Nozaki doing at the club? We had a desperate need for players to play in midfield, especially in a more defensive role and he couldn’t even make the bench. Similar to Chris, if he couldn’t get a run in the team at Avispa in the last season then he really is looking at the wrong career.
It seems like somebody didn’t do their homework on this guy, or was doing a favor to an agent, but it took up a space in our squad which we really didn’t have. I am all for giving young players a cahnce, and in Pusnik had a manager who was brave enough to do so, but if Pusnik wasn’t able to give him a go from the bench then none would.
Not just released from Avispa, also released from parent club Urawa.

“I’m indebted for my one year here. It was a short period of time but I experienced many things. In the future I will learn new things every day, with full energy and want to work hard. Thank you.”

Oh Chang Hyon
This guy was a permanent mystery at the club. Seemed like he might have the same condition that a few Premier League footballers have that as soon as it reaches the end of a season he suddenly turns up and plays when he needs a new contract, but is mentally switched off for the rest of the time.
Had the skills and physical attributes needed, but didn’t seem able to stay concentrating long enough or stick to a plan to ever make use of those attributes.
Got a deal with a club back in Korea, E-LANDFC, who are based in Seoul and play in the 2nd division. Maybe it will suit him well, but during his time in Japan, and with 4 different managers he has never been a player who can relied upon by anyone.

“I came a long way in my 3 years here. Thank you very much for everyone’s cheering. I have many good memories from my time in Fukuoka.
I was also able to learn many things and meet a lot of great people.

I will now transfer to a South Korean team, but will continue to work hard.
Thank you for your support.”

Also leaving the club is Coach/Translator Tsuyoshi Takano:

Tsuyoshi Takano
Quite predictably Takano is leaving the club after Pusnik returned to his home country and half of his work at the club was made unnecessary.
I think it is a little hard on the coach who is also a coach in his own right, with experience and qualifications from England which make him someone with knowledge from outside of this island which should be being used more.
Unfortunately he isn’t going to get opportunity to show that as perhaps he should for much the same reason that Pusnik found it difficult to change things at Avispa at times. People within Avispa, and Japan in general, are resistant to change, and while they might pay lip service to wanting to learn new skills and globalize, when it actually comes to it they are more reluctant to listen.
I expect him to get a job somewhere else quite quickly. There must be a need for English translators in lots of places within the J-League, and to have one who understands the game and can also offer something on the coaching side is a valuable resource.

“At the end of this season it has been decided that I will leave Avispa Fukuoka.
Thank you very much over the last 2 years for your support and encouragement. During this time I have grown as both a person and as a football man and thank everyone at the club including the players and club staff.
It is not easy for me to leave Avispa Fukuoka because I am a local man and it is a club with a special passion for me. However as this experience has come to an end it is the chance for something new to start and I will take this chance to grow further.
I would love to come back to Avispa Fukuoka one day, and will continue to work hard so I can contribute.
This is now the end, but I sincerely pray for the future success of Avispa Fukuoka.” 


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