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Avispa 1 : 3 Roasso Kumamoto.

This game confirmed us as the worst team in Kyushu again, losing to a fairly poor Kumamoto team by having a squad of players who just didn’t seem to care about entertaining, or at least trying, for the nearly 800 supporters who had turned out after another season where the players seemed to go on holiday from September onwards.
It seems crazy to think that at the end of August we were in 7th place and talked about as being a surprise pick for the play-offs.

Why did we lose? I can’t be bothered to write a full match report. By doing so I would expound more energy than some of the players did over 90 minutes, and they were being paid for it.

Basically the Kumamoto team worked out that if they put a low cross anywhere between the penalty spot and the goal then Kamiyama wouldn’t move off his line or attempt to save the shot which came at him.
A fairly simple tactic, but one which worked 3 times and ended up with 3 goals. Similarly to the Sapporo game, you can’t give away 2-3 goals and expect to finish anywhere other than in the bottom 5-6 teams.

For the second seasno Kamiyama has ended up being statistically the best keeper in J2. That’s because they keep statistics for shots saved; something which Kamiyama is very good at. If they kept stats for crosses which the keeper stayed on his line doing nothing, or kicked the ball straight into touch, or parried the ball straight onto the penalty spot then Kamiyama would rank highest for those league tables too.
I think  I have mentioned it before (and I don’t like to do so gain as I don’t have a lot of respect for him) but Harry Redknapp once got rid of Heurelho Gomez because he said he could pull off saves which would win you games, but he’d prefer a keeper who didn’t also cost you 3 times as many games.

We scored a goal from a welltaken galncing header from a set piece. Kanamori deserved his goal, and is already being linked with a move away from the club, but set pieces are the domain of the manager and the training ground. Where would we have been without the hard work put in by Pusnik and his coaches in the last 2 seasons to make us have some threat at set pieces.

DickAnd here I’ll come on to the reason why I think we lost this game, and the reason why I think we have struggled with many games since August: Hisashi Jogo.

Our glorious captain. I know that I’ll probably upset people with this post, but he has been absolutely hopeless, embarrassing, since August till now at the point of the season we needed him to step up and push us from 7th to 6th.

After 15 minutes of the game I realised that Jogo hadn’t touched the ball.

I thought that it might provide for entertainment for me in the game if i started counting how many times he touched the ball.
This isn’t having a go at some guy who just isn’t very good. This is a guy who must be in the top 4 paid players at the club (Koga-> Sakata-> Jogo, would be my guess).
Here are my stats…

Total touches in the whole game = 15.

Breakdown of touches = 1 pass, 1 shot, 1 clearing header, 12 bad controls. 0 tackles.

Minutes until first touch in 1st half = 22 minutes.

Minutes until first touch in 2nd half = 17 minutes.

Number of times the “Ultras” chanted his name despite doing nothing = 5

Number of times Ushinohama touched the ball in 30 minutes = 16 (1 more, and much more usefully than “King” Jogo).

This is ridiculous. The supporters (as much as i love their total support) have to take some responsibility for what has happened in the last 4 years.
Our club has stopped playing in August every year for 4 years, and the players are still supported as if they are doing a great job. At some point the fans have to say that enough is enough, and the sort of crap served up by supposed best players at the club won’t be accepted from now on.

I’ previously thought Jogo was a puzzle; I now think he is broken.


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