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This season is now screwed, we have no chance to getting into the play-offs, the only positive thing we can do is try to think about which players are going to stay next year, and which positions in which formation we are going to use.

This will allow us to have a pre pre-season and go into December (and even November) knowing which positions we need to find new players. It means we can try players in slightly new positions, or new roles and see if they could fulfil that role, and to give experience to youngsters who might prove that they are ready for a season of matches.

I really want Avispa to go through an off-season and not lose half their team to be replaced by players who take 3 months to gel, and usually turn out to be not good enough.
Unfortunately the recent performances of the players suggests that we need to get rid of at least half of them again.

If the current players on loan at the club are good enough to stay, and want to stay then we should be looking at these players first to try and keep some consistency in the squad.

Lee Kwang Seon. Has had a decent season for us, he is one player who still looks like he cares, and has been an important player for us in the middle of defence. Has got some limitations, and can’t be asked to play the ball too much, but if he sticks to a role as stopper he is useful.
Needs to have a ball-player alongside him. His biggest issue is that he gets targeted by referees for being tall and Korean.
He isn’t going to get close to the Kobe team, I would keep him, but only if the player is saying he wants to stay at the club (and isn’t on a big contract, his fees for yellow cards add a % to his wage every week).
My Opinion – Keep, but only if the player shows that he really wants to stay).

Takumi Abe. There have been times when he has looked like a decent mid-top level J2 player, and he will keep finding clubs who will give him a deal, but is another player with no chance of making it at his parent club. Struts around like he is a big time Charlie from FC Tokyo, but will find himself at somewhere like Mito next season. Has got a lot better as the season has gone on, especially in getting forward, but I guess that if you asked him he would say he was already good at the start of the year.
My Opinion – Leave, I think that Mitsunaga should have been in the team since August, and if not Mitsunaga then we have…

Eijiro Takeda. His agent should be banging down the door to get a deal for next season. He came to us as a guy who had been on loan at relegated Gainare the season before. That tells me 2 things, a) The player wants to play, b) Not many clubs were very interested in him. In this off-season he will get a lot more opportunities because he has had his best season, scoring goals and showing his versatility. He could leave and try to take one of those opportunities, but it won’t be at Yokohama F Marinos. As an English speaker, with an English speaking manager, who has got much, much better in his season here he would be crazy to even think about leaving.
As a player for us he is useful through his versatility and set pieces. I think we should be aiming for left-back though.
My Opinion – Keep. On a permanent transfer, it suits everybody. He has a chance to be here for 5 years and be looked at as a vice-captain/captain of the club as an intelligent guy.

Masaya Nozaki. In a season when we have had nobody to play in midfield he hasn’t even made the bench. Only time I saw him was a friendly game against the U-21 team when he was worse than an Avispa U-18 player who replaced him.
My Opinion – New career. If he can’t get into this Avispa midfield, or even make the bench, then this really isn’t going to work out for him.

Noriyoshi Sakai. I have no idea what he was when he came to the club at the start of the season, an attacking midfielder? A winger? Pusnik pushed him forward because we had no-one else there and he was the only player at the club who could jump and head the ball after Punosevac went home. That is the only thing he can do. He doesn’t have great pace, can’t control a ball and isn’t very good at passing. I have no idea how he could play in midfield.
Avispa have to try and get a better option for target-man/#9 in the off-season, but after scoring 7 goals this season he has made a name for himself and would be given chances again next season.
He will not be given those chances at Albirex, Suzuki from the U21 team is already better than him in that position.
My Opinion – Keep. But only if the player and his agent really want to come and it can be made a permanent deal. He will always get 7-10 goals at this level, but never be a star player for anyone.

Atomu Nabeta. He might be an average level J2 forward, and with a pre-season he could get better, but he hasn’t looked like anything at all so far. He isn’t young, he’s never scored a goal, and doesn’t really look like he might. If he was really good in training and very enthusiastic to stay i might risk a low level contract, anything more than about 5.5m yen I wouldn’t even consider it.
My Opinion – Keep. But only is really cheap and seen as a back-up player rather than someone we rely on for goals.


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4 responses to “Players for next season – Loanees.

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  1. Good analysis, I agree with it all except on Avispa 7 goals seems to be a superstar. Not good enough if they are seriously looking for J1 though.

    What do you think about Shimizu?

  2. I think that is the biggest part of the problem. Jogo and Kanamori are now held up as untouchables at the club, when they have both achieved nothing at the club.
    Sakai is see as a good player when aside from some headers at corners his touch his woeful. I’d still keep him, but only on a permanent contract under 8m yen.

    I’m going to do goalkeepers now, I wasn’t sure if Shimizu was on loan.

  3. Shimizu is still on loan, they wouldn’t play him at Oita because that’s part of his contract so Eita got on the bench.

    I wonder if Niigata will let Sakai stay here. I’m not sure of their situation at the moment.

    • The guy Musashi Suzuki at Albirex is basically a younger, better version of Sakai, so I can’t see him getting a game up there.

      Maybe after getting more experience they will see him as an asset and want Suzuki to get the same experience. That’s a deal I’d accept in an instant.

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