vs. Tokyo Verdy (report)   4 comments

Avispa Fukuoka 0 : 1 Tokyo Verdy

I’m not going to bother writing another match report. just read the 2 for the last couple of matches, or the Yokohama match 3 weeks ago, it is exactly the same.
We have a team who can move the ball around, but a forward line entirely devoid of threat or creativity and who can’t score a goal. As the defence gets more and more desperate with the lack of goals up front we get caught at the back and lose the game.

It means that we have gone from a team pushing the edge of the play-offs to a team which will be lucky to finish in the top half.

So yeah, we’re shit, nothing new, and there is nothing more that I can write on the subject which I didn’t write for the last match or the one before.
What I can do is comment on one particular thing…

Open letter to Hisashi Jogo.

I am not a Fukuoka native. I am not paid by the club to cheer your name regardless of your performance. I don’t care that your family sit in the crowd.
The only thing I will assess you on is how you perform on the pitch.

After the Oita game you openly complained about where you were playing on the pitch. I have just watched a game where you have touched the ball no more than 10 times in the entire match.
I have never been your biggest fan despite the hysteria in the stadium, and am being proved right this season. When playing as striker you wait for the ball as the worst kind of luxury player, and when eventually it does bounce your way you are a 1 in 5 striker at best.

I’ve seen your goals. Yes, you scored from the half-way line against Yamaga 3 years ago. I saw you have a bicycle kick dis-allowed against Gamba 4 years ago. I saw you play in goal against Kumamoto. These things alone don’t make you bigger than the club.

During this match today Taku Ushinohama achieved more in 15 minutes than you did in 90, and this is from a player who you probably look down upon.

Stop listening to whoever it is that is telling you that you are a striker. You aren’t.

Play in a position which makes the ball come onto you, and forces you to play. Midfield, right-back, right wing-back; any of these is a position which means you can influence a game. Maybe your agent/family/fans are telling you to play as striker. Watch the tape of today’s game back again and see how bad you were.

2ch is talking (for the first time in my memory) about how there is an element of ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ about your game. As with all cults the ‘Cult of Jogo’ is not indefinite. Have a look at Wayne Rooney (a player you can only dream to be), and how the Manchester United fans and manager are now saying he has to move back into midfield.


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4 responses to “vs. Tokyo Verdy (report)

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  1. Jogo’s never been my favourite (and this doesn’t make me popular in the area of Level 5 where I sit!) because he is the only player on Avispa I can count on to be surly to children congratulating him, but I can appreciate what he can do on the field. And when that’s nothing, well, he doesn’t have a personality to fall back on.

    I hope this means Taku is going to get more time on the field. Kagoshima boy, came up through the ranks of Avispa’s Academy, and he is hungry for it, just like Kanamori. I would like it if you were right and they play younger guys with more of a future over the remaining games.

    They better beat Kataller next week. They seem to be really susceptible to head games and winning one will put them in a better space, especially in the run up to Chiba who should be our biggest threat in the rest of the season (but apparently everyone is a threat if Verdy is!).

  2. You’d hope they would beat Toyama, but this was almost exactly the same situation last season when Kokeguchi scored a hattrick against us.

    I think they have to play the young players. Give Ushinohama, Mitsunaga, Mishima scome chances. We aren’t going to finish in the play-offs, at least try and get something out of the last 9 games by seeing if these players are good enough for next season, and if they are then start to think about what positions we need to spend money on.

    Teams who sit back against us seem to be a bigger threat than those who try to score. I wouldn’t be surprised if we beat Chiba and lost to everyone else.

  3. Wow, strong stuff. I have to say, looking from afar, Jogo doesn’t seem to have performed up to his usual standards this year. He’s always been (well, since I started watching the J.League & J2 in particular) one of my favourite players to see. On his day he can be unplayable, occupying that hard to mark area between strikers and midfield, and often popping up on the wing. He’s never struck me as someone who could be and out and out centre forward though.

    I don’t know his personality or anything around that subject but I hope he gets it together for you. Avispa without Jogo would seem a bit weird to be honest. But if you have younger players coming through – similar to what we have at Gifu – you don’t want/need roadblocks. Youngsters need to be given the chance to prove they are good enough.

    • I mean it in the best possible way. While not the biggest Jogo fan I do think that he is one of our best players, and could easily be THE best player in the division, he just needs a kick up the backside in my opinion.

      I will always support him and every other Avispa player when they are out on the pitch, but after he came out and complained about where he was playing after the Mito game it was open season as far as I am concerned.

      His job is to play wherever it is going to help the team most, and be thankful to be doing a job most people could only wish for for very nice money.
      Having come out and said he wants to play centrally as a striker then when he is given that chance he had to do a better job than what he did against Verdy.

      I really hope he takes a step back into midfield and ups his output as he could be player of the season.

      It’s the first time I’ve seen quite harsh critique about Jogo elsewhere too.

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