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Kamiyama : 6
Didn’t really have anything to do all afternoon. Still kicking the ball straight into touch, sometimes in our own half.

Mishima : 7
Has come back into the team and runs all game as is his main skill. Still hasn’t put in a decent cross, and I fear that his confidence has been shaken quite badly.

Abe : 7
Did everything needed of him.

Lee : 7
Will be disappointed not to have got a couple of goals in a game which had 4 scored from set pieces, but his main job is defending and we kept a clean sheet.

Tsutsumi : 7
Distribution a little careless, and he needs to be willing to step up into midfield at times if he is playing in a back 3.

Park : 7.5
Starting to look like a player who can genuinely play 2 positions. As such he should be the middle defender who goes into midfield, but I do wonder if his communication with Lee might be better than Tsutsumi’s.

Nakahara : 8
The player who has improved the most in this recent run of form. He really likes to have 3 behind him and a running midfielder as it takes some pressure off him.

Takeda : 8
Excellent delivery from the set pieces. Honest player who will always give 10km+ and not let the team down.

Jogo : 7.5
Much better performance on his return to the team, and it was all about energy. Understandably tired, but showed himself and everyone else how he should be playing.

Kanemori : 8
Infectious energy. 1 goal, 1 assist, it is no coinicdence that his return to the team has seen our best form; and all of this from a player who no-one expected to be playing games at 19.

Sakai : 7.5
Gaining in confidence and leaving it all on the pitch. Picked up an injury when on a hattrick.

Ishizu : 6.5
I really hope he is seeing that he could be the main man for Avispa if he just does the work and dedication of some of the other players. Has all the talent, but needs the application.

Hirai : 5
I don’t know what has happened to this guy. He plays like an Elementary school student who knows he is better than everyone around him so doesn’t do anything but wait for the ball to be given to him.

Morimoto :5.5
Confidence is gone. All he can do in this situation is run, but doesn’t seem inclined to run through his bad form.


Posted June 19, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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