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Kamiyama – 7.5
Kept the clean sheet, and made some good saves with decent positioning without ever doing anything amazing. Best work was a near post block on Yazawa early on.

Mishima – 7.5
Solid defensively, and works well when going forward and passing short. Still has problems with his crossing; if that can get sorted he’ll be a decent player.

Abe – 8
Ran all game, his endeavor lead to our goal. Heads the ball well for a short guy. Has the demeanor of someone who doesn’t seem to care, but at times that can be good as he seems calm under pressure.

Lee – 8.5
Got his head on everything which came his way and attacked the ball well when he thought he could get near it with his feet. My Man of the Match.

Tsutsumi – 8
Blocked well. His long passing is decent, as shown by the cross for the goal. Needs to be prepared to step up more often and let the midfield move 5-10m higher.

Koga – 6.5
Was doing well and adding needed physicality to the team. Others play better when he is in the team. Got himself sent off after making a horrible mistake on a back-pass.

Park – 7.5
We need his height and aggression in midfield. Could do a little more to be closer to the ball, but works well when he is in possession.

Nakahara – 8
Best game I’ve seen from him in a while. I still want more long range shooting, but his tackling, running and passing was great. Needs to stay aggressive.

Kanemori – 8
Tired as the game went on, but like with Koga his aggression is infectious and makes the rest of the team step up. Took his goal very well.

Ishizu – 7
Would have hoped to have scored, and was doing a bit much on the ball at times. Looks a threat whenever he is on the pitch.

Sakai – 7
Worked hard. I would have given him a 7.5, except he spoiled it a little with his last touch of the game, shooting from distance after seeing he was about to come off.

Hirai – 6.5
One good run in the box. Tough game for him, asked to defend as soon as he came on after Koga was sent off.

Ushinohama – 7.5
Doesn’t disappoint when given a chance. One run he went on relieved the pressure on the defence and lifted the crowd and team.

Yamaguchi – 7
Made no mistakes, and helped keep the game scoreless after coming on.

Posted June 9, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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