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Obviously they don’t show any of the contentious decisions which people might want to see again, but you can see the goals at least.

0s : Sakai gets his name on the scoresheet but it owes more to Morimura’s delivery than his header.
It owes more to Jogo’s tackle on the halfway line which led to the corner even more but that isn’t shown on the highlights.

41s : Another goal from the training ground. Insteda of pulling the ball to his chest and admiring his good work Kamiyama starts an instant counter which Nakahara delivers perfectly in front of Ishizu. He still has a huge amount of work to do, but helped by sakata taking away the defender just enough he scores an excellent goal.
To give some idea of how good Ishizu could be check out the defender who can’t run as fast as Ishizu can dribble.

1m37s : There is contact between arms (as there is whenever any players are running alongside each other), but the referee can’t wait to give the penalty fast enough. He had earlier denied Ishizu a penalty which had much greater contact.
Credit to Nakajima, he got what he could. He is going to be a very good player, and would have loved to see him at Avispa (as well as Sakai has done in spells I hope he hasn’t cost close to as much as Nakajima would have).

2m45s : Well worked training ground set-piece gets another goal. It’s the sort of goal which could be given; Sakata was a long way from goal, but I wouldn’t complain too much that it wasn’t given.

3m : Nakajima shows his quality again with great running and vision. Kokeguchi has excellent touch (but needs 25% better fitness to be a J1 player), and for the second time this season Lee heads off the line.

4m 15s : Toyama miss the equaliser which the referee had been hoping for with #2 somehow miscuing from 1m out. It was directly from this chance which we had the most obvious penalty I’ve seen refused as Ishizu went up the other end.
But that isn’t shown on Japanese TV; it might embarrass the poor referee.


Posted May 13, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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