vs. Kataller Toyama (ratings)   Leave a comment

Kamiyama : 7
Has done well since his return to the team. Caught the ball well, and released quickly to help the counter for the 2nd goal. Kicking still poor and put the pressure straight back onto us with a kick into touch after 92 minutes.

Abe : 7
Has a cool head, isn’t as good as he thinks he is though. Could be a plyer, but only if he starts developing his forward game. Good in the air for a short guy.

Jogo : 8.5
Nakajima won’t have many tougher days this season. Tackled hard, won every ball which came his way, led the team by example. I’d like to see him get forward more, it should be his strength from full-back, but actually his defending was his key skill today.

Lee : 7.5
Cleared off the line again. Teams can’t put balls direct into our third, he gets his head onto everything.

Tsutsumi : 7.5
Solid in defence. I like him trying to get forward when he can, he can pick a pass.

Takeda : 7.5
Intelligent player. If he keeps getting better in the anchor role it is going to really help us put together a push into 4th/5th.

Morimura : 7.5
His best game for us. Needs to keep running and tackling hard, that is his zone and helps him to stop thinking about what he is doing too much and relax into the game.

Sakata : 8.5
I was really glad he got awarded Man of the Match. At 31 years old he has become a whole new player and set the pace for the rest of the team with his running, battling and tackling.

Sakai : 7
Got the goal. Had a few decent touches and is actually quite powerful in the air and as a hold-up player.

Ishizu : 8
Great goal. Should have had at least 1 penalty with his direct running. If he could just add a little better decision making he’d be a top half J1 player.

Hirai : 5
Came on as the team got tired and immediately looked the most tired player on the pitch. Does nothing more than score goals, and when he doesn’t that means he does nothing.

Punosevac : 5.5
Was brought on to try and hold the ball up the pitch and help a tiring team. Did it a little bt, but still doesn’t really get off the ground much.

Mitsunaga : 7.5
Great little cameo. Looks like he is already the best crosser of the ball at the club. Will be playing left wing by the final 10 games of the season.


Posted May 13, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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