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Avispa have been having a fairly bad few weeks around Golden Week but had a much improved performance in their last game against Fagiano Okayama which hopefully shows that they might be turning a corner and be on the way to better results.

They will definitely be hoping for a win tomorrow as they face a Toyama team which had quite a lot of money put into them at the start of the season, but haven’t justified the investment with results on the pitch and lie second from bottom in the table.

The last time Toyama travelled to Level-5 they left with an away win courtesy of 4 goals, including a hatrick by support striker Kokeguchi.
He is likely to be the main danger men again tomorrow with his intelligent movement between lines and I would definitely play a dedicated anchor player. We have often tried to play with a more adventurous, attacking line-up at home, but I think the team now needs to build confidence with a fixed line-up, and hopefully a clean sheet from defence.

A 0-0 draw isn’t a good result, but apart from an Avispa win is the best result for us tomorrow to help the defence.

Avispa News

Kanemori is still injured, and Hirai and Punosevac didn’t do enough off the bench to displace Ishizu or Sakata in my opinion.
Sakai might be in more danger despite playing well as Mishima returns from suspension.

I would keep the same 3xx formation from last week which the players performed much better with, but as Mishima can come back in at right wing-back (a position which I think suits him more then full-back) It would allow Jogo to push up a little more in a more familiar forward role.
I like Jogo at right wing-back, especially if he learns that it potentially will give him more opportunities to avoid being tracked as he runs from deep, but I’m not convinced that he wants to play there.

Nakahara plays much better with Takeda alongside him to free him up defensively, and should continue trying to shoot from range.

Kamiyama stays in goal.

The big question will be the 3 at the back. Koga came back in for his first appearance against Okayama and did ok without ever looking spectacular. Will Pusnik have faith in Park, or keep with Koga? I think the other players like to have Koga in the team, and would keep him in for now so the team isn’t changed from a half-decent performance.


My Prediction:

Avispa 2 0 Toyama

I’m still hopeful of a big blow-out win to get out season up and running, but would settle for a win any way it comes.


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3 responses to “vs. Kateller Toyama (preview)

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  1. I am interested to see if Toyama play Iida or Mizutani. Mizutani has been a non-issue this season but he was super strong when I saw him at spring training camp 2013 for Avispa. He plays a good head game and might be good against his former team.
    I’m interested to see if he is welcomed warmly back at Level 5. Sueyoshi had a lot of fans last week, but Mizutani wasn’t that much of a fan fave when he was at Fukuoka, despite his always great attitude. He is like Puni- always so happy to be recognized and chat with fans. But then again the completely antisocial Jogo is the perennial fan fave so I can’t figure it out at all!

    • You’re a big goal-keeping fan?!

      You were right about Kamiyama, he made some important saves and the team looked a lot happier knowing that they had him as the last line of defence. I guess he won’t be out of the team for a while now.

  2. Yes, we’re a goal-keeping family. Perfect match actually, underrated position, underrated team to support. šŸ˜‰

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