vs. Oita Trinita (youtube)   3 comments

Some highlight s which do actually show the penalty decision a little. Not very close up, but I’ve watched it about 10 times now (as well as live at the stadium) and can’t see how it can be given.
A fairly standard tangle of players and then the Oita defenderdrags Park down when he sees the cross hitting the first man.

The referee is a total clown, and Avispa lost their heads totally when they were facing a referee who was yet again going to decide the outcome of the game.

10s: A well-worked goal which showed that Avispa do at least now have a plan. Sakata and Jogo wee making runs off defenders shoulders, and in this case Jogo was picked out by Abe. A low cross from the byline was converted by Ishizu.

48s: This is the problem when we can’t spring past a defensive line; against a packed penalty area we never look like scoring.
When teams sit deep we end up passing the ball around on the edge of the box, or trying to dribble through 3 players. The only way we look like scoring in this situation is by getting a penalty.

1m10s: Should have been 2-0, Sakai has to at least get his shot on target from there.
Great cross by Ishizu, if Mishima could cross like this just 1 in 3 times we’d win every game this season. Unfortunately his crosses seem to be getting worse.

1m30s : How much money does a referee need from a Hong Kong betting syndicate to give a decision like this?
If you want more evidence then it is worth remembering it is the same referee who gave an equally ridiculous penalty against us (and another Korean player) in the Jubilo match.

1m43s : This isn’t a good penalty. Shimizu dives the right way and still gets nowhere near it. Kamiyama has to place.

2m05: The defence have pushed up and left spaces at the back but still… When the corss comes in there are 2 players on the penalty spot with all 3 defenders who are back nowhere near them.


Posted May 4, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

3 responses to “vs. Oita Trinita (youtube)

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  1. On that angle, it’s pretty clear that Park Gon wrestles Takagi to the ground. Stupid foul, but foul still.

    • I think the Oita player was just a bit more intelligent/experienced. They were both wrestling for position with each other, and it looked to me like he pulled him down on top of him.

      I’m glad that it isn’t as clear cut as I thought though, and that some people don’t agree with me. It makes me a little more positive about going to the game knowing that perhaps I’m just being a biased fan and not just watching the referee.

  2. I’m very glad to see a replay of the incident being shown. I’ve got no problem if it turns out that maybe it is a foul, but the reluctance to show replays of decisions for fouls and off-sides is something I don’t really like about Japanese Highlights shows.

    I still think that if it is a foul it is one which is very rarely given. Pretty much every set piece around the box will have defenders doing the same thing.

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