vs. Giravanz Kitakyushu (ratings)   2 comments

Shimizu – 4.5
The free kick wasn’t easy, it came through a crowd of players, but he should have done better. Apart from that he made no saves, and kicked the ball straight into touch on a couple of occasions.

Abe – 5
Was targeted with long balls forward and battled well with his head but is too small to win very much. Left exposed by Ishizu in front of him and caught out numerous times.

Mishima – 5
Still a young kid, and it would be great to give him 2 weeks break, but we can’t. Oh Chang Hyon is his back-up and has proved a liability. Tries hard and always gives an honest performance.

Lee – 6.5
Was trying to win the game (seems obvious but a few players didn’t seem to be). Unfortunately came up against a referee who didn’t like tall/foreign players.

Tsutsumi – 5
When the chips are down and things start to get tough he is a player we need to stand tall. Unfortunately he seems to go missing when things start to get tough.

Nakahara – 5
Another player having his second full season and needs a break, or at least some help from someone more experienced to keep him going. Unfortunately we have even fewer options than we do with Mishima at right-back.

Jogo – 4.5
Didn’t do any worse than Nakahara really, but he is our Captain, an experienced player, and I’m guessing our second highest player after Koga. He doesn’t give a Captain’s performance with his talking, he has to do it on the pitch and just didn’t.

Ishizu – 5.5
Got a starting position, and ribbled well at times, but needede to be doing so much more. Has been watching Messi or Ronaldo and thinks he can play cutting in from the wing and not much else, but he isn’t playing in front of Busquets/Mascherano.

Hirai – 4.5
If he doesn’t score he does very little else. Was trying to press at times, but does so as an obvious forward unfamiliar with the role. Can’t ever be relied on to track back; a striker only.

Sakata – 6
Worked hard and had a couple of early shots, but he is our best false 9, and real 9. Similar to Wayne Rooney, if I was an opposition manager seeing him in a left back position I would be very happy.

Punosevac – 5
Tried to get onto things, but for whatever reason he just gets fouls given against him all the time. Had one header from a corner which he should have done much better with. Lee Kwang Seon looked a better target man striker.

Sakai – 5
People said his brother was in the crowd. Maybe he was trying to hard to impress, but didnt make much impact.

Park – 6
Showed he is still an option at centre-back. Park-Lee-Tsutsumi? A back three will appear at some point, or at least he should play as anchor to supplement the defensive 2 in my opinion. Maybe even alongside Takeda. If we are hard to score against then I’d bet on our strikers to get goals even with the no midfielders we currently have.


Posted May 1, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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  1. Hi, I’m Giravanz fan! I just started a twitter account where I’ll tweet Giravanz news in English. 🙂 https://twitter.com/giravanzwombat

    Great site!

    (I tried to comment before but the page mysteriously closed so sorry if this is a double comment)

    • Great, it’s really good to have news on more j2 clubs, and especially ones from Kyushu.

      Giravanz seem to have alternate years of doing well and badly, I think you’re in with a chance of being the top Kyushu club this year (ignoring sagan toss obviously).

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