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A terrible first half, but the result is all that matters.

All teams will have a poor spell in the course of a season, hopefully we have just had ours and we still managed to pick up 4 points from 3 games during which we played badly.
Hopefully a few hurdles have been climbed, some lessons learned, and the players now have the confidence to go and get 6 points in the derby matches this week.

If we continue on this number of points per game we finish the season on 70 points!

Shimizu : 5.5
Had chances to do better with 2 balls across the box in the first half, but made a couple of good catches in the second half.

Abe : 5
Got caught with a player behind him a couple of times including for the goal, and didn’t offer much going forward. The formation meant he had little in front of him at times.

Mishima : 5
Worked hard trying to get forward but lacked quality on crossing. Has a good foundation, but still lots of work to do.

Tsutsumi : 6.5
Solid for the most part, but the goal should have been cleared as should another chance which came quickly afterwards.

Lee : 7
When the full-backs pushed up second half he was left back with Tsutsumi to deal with the counter attack threat. Mostly showed decent pace in trying to chase Thespa’s Brazilian back.

Park : 5
Poor in his forward passing, he made a few decent tackles in defence. That he can’t reproduce his form against Kyoto is the biggest regret of this season so far.

Nakahara : 6.5
Very good in the second half, terrible in the first. His long passing isn’t great, often being cut out early, but as against Nagasaki when Jogo dropped back to support and he could play a little higher and keep things a little simpler he did well. His high press led to the equalising goal, and he started the move for the 2nd too.

Jogo : 7
Similar to Nakahara. When his role was more easily defined, and he had to play in the second half he did much better. On today’s evidence he should he playing central midfield, but his inconsistency in which position he should play is going to hurt him. Unlucky not to score with a coupe of good shots.

Sakata : 6
Not one of his better performances. Continues to work hard but without support and delivery can’t really do much on his own.

Hirai : 5.5
A couple of nice touches, but didn’t score and doesn’t do much else apart from that.

Punosevac : 4.5
In the team to bully defenders and get onto crosses, he did neither. Most of that isn’t his fault, he wasn’t getting any service, but something isn’t clicking.

Ishizu : 7.5
Turned to face goal, and ran straight at it every time he got the ball. Scared Thespa into stopping trying to attack, and gave confidence to everyone around him. When other players pass 10-12 times sideways and backwards he is the player who won’t take a backward step.

Morimura : 7.5
The player who we need to start playing. Came on and got an assist and a goal. Needs to keep making late runs into the box and try to help out with a high press when he can with a dedicated anchor behind him.

Sakai : 8
Also got an assist and a goal after coming on, but as much as that it was his mental energy which changed the game.
Like Kanamori against Nagasaki he looked psyched for the game and after scoring the first absolutely sure that the team could get the second.


Posted April 26, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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