vs. Katamatare Sanuki (ratings)   Leave a comment

They actually played quite well in spells during the first half, but seemed to totally lose all ambition and energy in the second.

Shimizu : 6
Did a couple of decent saves to keep us in the lead for a while, would have needed a 3rd great save to stop the goal.

Mishima : 5
Had a chance here to really try and get forward and show what he can do, but didn’t really get forward enough. We are playing a system which calls on the full-backs to supplement attack.

Abe : 5.5
Same as Mishima. One decent cross in the first half which should have given us an early goal.

Tsutsumi : 5.5
Made a few tackles, but shouldn’t have been troubled by a poor forward line by Sanuki.

Lee : 5
This was a game where he could have made a difference in attack. When the forwards are struggling to get a rhythm we need Lee to come big on set pieces.

Takeda : 5.5
Made some important interceptions in the first half. Will always give an honest performance, without a huge amount of attacking quality.

Nakahara : 4.5
Biggest disappointment of the season so far. Here he had support around him and still just seemed to be missing.

Morimura : 5
We won the game when he was on the pitch, but he didn’t really do anything I can remember.

Jogo : 5.5
Scored a goal, but as our Captain and now one of the biggest wage earmers and most experienced players needs to be setting an example for everyone else and setting the tone for the performance.

Hirai : 4
Couldn’t do anything more for him. Playing in his favored position, from the start, and he didn’t trouble the defence very much at all. A defence which had conceded 20 goals in 7 games before this game.

Sakata : 5.5
Worked hard when he was on the pitch, but can’t do it all himself. I’d like to see him as Captain because if he had others working from his example then we’d stroll games like this.

Ishizu : 4
Doesn’t play as a substitute. Maybe he thinks it’s below him now, but all this game needed was some running. He came on second half and was running as little as anyone else.

Sakai : 4.5
I’ve not seen anything to suggest he is better than anything else we already have at the club.

Park : 4
Came on to try and hold out for a 1:0 win and we conceded. Not his fault, but he didn’t do what he came on for.


Posted April 23, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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