Kanamori breaks his foot.   2 comments

As I suspected during the game Takeshi Kanamori broke his foot during the game against V-Varen Nagasaki to make a bad day even worse.

It isn’ a bad injury as far as injuries go, being more annoying than anything else, and from my understanding is a fracture of the 5th meta-tarsel.

It means he won’t be playing for about 2 months, but will be able to continue with some cardio and strength training and should be able to come straight back into contention for the first team when the bone heals.

It is a real shame for kanamori as he is someone who has taken his time outside of the starting members to get better and get hungry, and then when given a chance done everything he can to try and change games.
Possibly he still tries to do too much at times, but that is the sort of inconsistency which will come with a young player and just needs games and experience to improve his decision making.

He looks to me to have a chance to be the best player to come out of Avispa for a long time (including Jogo and Ishizu), primarily because of his hunger and attitude; he looks like someone who just wants to play games and get better.

As a role-model for him I would look to Raheem Sterling at Liverpool who also burst onto the scene at a young age, and was primarily viewed as someone who had awesome acceleration and pace, but maybe not the composure to be much more than a speed merchant.
This season at Liverpool he has listened to his manager (who himself has adapted his strategy from a short passing game to a slightly more direct game which marries his passing pedigree with the more direct athletes at the club) and become a more well-rounded player who most expect to be going to the World Cup this summer.


Posted April 18, 2014 by avispafukuoka in News

2 responses to “Kanamori breaks his foot.

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  1. That’s bad news, and I’m sorry for Kanamori. I like him a lot as a player and wish him to get well soon. I agree with your statement that Kanamori, Jogo and Ishizu might be among the best players coming out of Avispa in ages. Hope to make to Japan this year to see them play ‘live’.

    • His pace, and particularly acceleration, terrifies defenders. It means there is more space for everyone else as teams are very wary about pushing up, and full-backs are in danger of breaking the off-side line.

      But more than just his pace he has a fearless mentality which means he doesn’t care who he is facing or when he will try to beat them.
      Needs to be harnessed a little as he can sometimes try to beat people in places which don’t really hurt the opposition and can put us in danger, but it will come with experience.

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