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Pusnik took responsibility off the players after the match by taking the blame for the performance; I hope the players come out and give him a big win and changed attitude next week as it was a horrible game by nearly everyone filled with numerous individual errors and 20 minutes in which the whole team had lost their head.
One defeat doesn’t make the start of the season bad straight away, but they need to bounce back straight away with the games over Golden Week and just put it down as a bad day at the office.

Kamiyama: 2.5
He has won us the game with a string of saves in the last few games but was terrible in this game, having a part in all of the goals conceded. Will be most embarrassed by the 3rd which he pushed inside the post.

Abe: 4.5
Battled until the end and was trying to get forward, but caught out of position and struggling to get back for a couple of goals.

Oh: 3
Had another chance to show the manager he is an option at right-back but blew it. Looked better going forward, but was in the team primarily as someone a bit stronger in defence.

Tsutsumi: 5
Kept us in the game in the first 10 minutes with a couple of excellent tackles, but then lost his head for 30 minutes. Stepped up and got better in the second half.

Lee: 5
Similar to Tsutsumi. The best thing he can do is to know his limitations, not try to pass the ball expansively and play a “What If?” game; what if the pass I’m trying to play goes wrong?

Nakahara : 4
Had a really hard job playing as the only midfielder for a lot of the time in the first half. Does his best work when doing short, simple passes. Tries to do long, diagonal passes from an anchor position, but Tsutsumi is actually better than him at these and he should be looking to play higher up the pitch where he is more effective.

Sakata : 5.5
Kept running. In the correct set-up he is on his way to re-inventing himself as a midfielder in the style that Dwight Yorke did at the end of his career. In the wrong set-up he is horribly exposed and asked to do too much.

Jogo : 5.5
Still needs to work out where he is gonig to play. Anonymous in the first half; did very well to help out in a deeper role in the second half when helping Nakahara. I’d ask him where he wants to play and then give him the support around him to make it work.

Ishizu : 5.5
Like most of the players he was much better in the second half, but has to do more when not in possession. Needs to decide if he is happy with the player he is now, or if he wants to become the player he could be.

Hirai : 5
Same as Ishizu, but more. A few good runs, but without the ball turns into a luxury which few teams in J2 can afford. If he plays in the team we need someone else to play to do his running and tackling for him.

Punosevac : 3.5
His stats are starting to tell their own story now. I don’t believe strikers should be judged solely for their goals but he has now failed to score in about 9 months at the club. So many times in this game he was receiving the ball from midfield and passing it back first time to our defence.

Mishima : 7
Impressed coming off the bench. Exactly what the manager wants to see, someone who gets a chance and shows that he should be in the team each week. Linked up well with Kanamori.

Kanamori : 8
Showed today that he is who we should be building a team around. He has the inconsistency of youth, and will get better at decision making as he gets more experience but his energy and drive made the whole team step up. You could see he genuinely thought we could get the 5 goals back, and was annoyed to go off injured just as we got the first 2.

Sakai : 5.5
Did ok without ever looking as bright as Mishima or Kanamori. Offers another man to go into an attacking midfield/forward role, but why we needed to loan another player for that position with the options we have is a mystery.


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