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vs. V-Varen Nagasaki (youtube)   Leave a comment

A real horror show from AVispa as they put in what I have seen described as the worst ever half of football in the J-League to go 5-0 down at half-time.

Points to note.
0s: A really nicely worked corner routine by Nagasaki, and a great finish from #7 but where on earth is right-back Oh? Watching back it seems he is covering the D, leaving a huge space at the back post. Nobody was picking up #7 at any point.
His finish was great, but Kamiyama should be getting something on that and is only beaten for pace.

48s: With the wing-backs able to push up Abe got himself isolated and out of position for a cross from the right-wing. There were still 4-5 Avispa players who had an opportunity to get something on the ball and clear (with Oh again being the most obvious), but somehow Nagasaki’s opposite full-back got to the ball first.

1m48: A goal from nothing. Kamiyama seems to dive in slow motion for a nothing shot and just palms the ball into the net. He always has a horrible mistake waiting, and I guess it is better to happen in a game we end up 5-0 down in, that a last minute goal to lose a game 1-0. (This was 12 minutes into he game).

2m35: Oh is totally shell-shocked and wanting to be back in his house; easily bypassed on the left wing with a cross landed straight onto the Nagasaki striker’s head. There were 3 players lined up waiting to head it in with only 160cm Abe giving any competition.

3m26s: Same target man striker beats 4 defenders and Kamiyama to the ball to head home easily at the near post. Avispa players have totally lost their heads. In fact Kamiyama looks like he may have pushed the ball onto the striker to mean he played a part in all 5 goals conceded.

4m12: Standard penalty by Sakata. These highlights don’t show the run and skill on the edge of the box as Mishima and Kanamori combined with Kanamori’s pace and quick feet winning a clear penalty. Kanamori grabs the ball after the goal; in his head Avispa can score 6.

4m50: A freekick outside the box ends up on the left wing for Abe to cross in and Jogo to finish well with his head. This goal shows that Jogo needs to be getting into the box, I’m just not sure how to make it happen.


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