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Kamiyama : 8
Did well on his return to the first team and has made himself clear first choice in my opinion. Tried to distribute the ball quickly and short, and made 2 good reflex saves from headers to keep the game scoreless in the second half.

Abe : 6.5
In a team of players who were playing very well I thought his performance dropped a little. #13 got in behind him several times and he didn’t offer much going forward.

Mishima : 7.5
Kept running until the final whistle and had much better delivery on crosses. Still needs to work on his crossing, but forced the Yokohama winger backwards with his attacking.

Lee : 8.5
Dealy with the aerial threat from his country-man well, and threw himself at everything. A big part in us keeping a clean sheet, and then was directly responsible for the goal at the end with an excellent flick header to get an assist.

Tsutsumi : 7
Over shadowed by Lee but did his part, and is getting much better at trying to organise the defence and timing when they step up.

Nakahara : 7.5
Did ok on his return to the anchor position. Was looking for forward passes more than he has, but I’d like his to play further forward even when given the anchor role. Should be looking to conduct from the centre circle, not 10m inside our own half.

Jogo : 7
Had some good touches to put the ball into space in the first half, and started to make runs into the box in the 2nd. He can do well in this position, but needs to use his ability to break into the box late, and be ready to track back if necessary. At the moment he doesn’t risk the forward runs due to his defensive responsibilities.

Sakata : 8
Has the potential to re-invent himself as a central midfielder. It doesn’t put quite as much pressure on his pace, and he retains the ball well and can battle for the ball with surprisingly good tackling.

Kanamori : 8
Our best player in the first half. Watching him is like looking at Sterling at Liverpool. He used to be all about pace and running onto the ball, now he has added an intelligence to his game and was linking well with others too.

Ishizu : 7
Should look at what Kanamori has done this season. Having been put on the bench he’s worked hard to improve on his senergy and hunger when given a chance. Ishizu can be a complete forward, but needs to see that there are parts of his game he can improve. His dribbling is a constant threat, but his movement without the ball has to improve.

Punosevac : 6
Harried the defence well, and upsetting the opposition is an important thing at home but still hasn’t looked like scoring and on a different day could have been sent off.

Hirai : 7
Got the goal to win us the game again, but to paraphrase Gary Linekar “What else did he do?”. Won Man of the Match again, but it is too simplistic to look at him as the match winner because without everyone else working to get the ball back and pass to him in the box he can never score.

Morimura : 6.5
There is a player inside this kid somewhere. He runs around with energy, and looks to be able to pass, tackle and get into the box, but he has to start putting it together in a game.

Takeda : 7
Added a bit of bite in midfield after he came on, and does also make forward passes (although will probably remember 1 terrible one straight into touch more) and runs towards the box.


Posted April 1, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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