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Rooney copies Jogo   Leave a comment

It seems that Shinji Kagawa may have been lending Wayne Rooney some of his old tapes of J2 matches recently as Rooney tried to copy a move which Jogo had used 2 years previously against Matsumoto Yamaga.

Rooney pulled his off against West Ham United to give Manchester United a 1-0 lead…

He doesn’t get quite the distance that Jogo does, but gets extra points for hitting it on the volley.

In fact watching it back makes me think that maybe Jogo’s was more similar to this one which introduced David Beckham to the world (but still doesn’t get quite the distance the Jogo does)…


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vs. Jubilo Iwata (ratings)   Leave a comment

Shimizu – 5.5
Made his debut and conceded 3 goals. Didn’t have much of a chance with any of them, but also didn’t make many saves. One good double block in the second half and looks to try and play a sweeper role.

Abe – 5
Lucky not to get badly injured after a terrible tackle just under his knee. Tough evening, and didn’t really get forward. All 3 goals against came from crosses on the right wing.

Oh – 4
Not up to match pace for the first goal, didn’t look any stronger than Mishima in defence, and something strange has happened to him in attack. He just can’t get forward any more. Won’t play again for a while unless Mishima gets injured.

Tsutsumi – 5
Gave the ball away so many times in the first 20 minutes. Hard to tell who he was even trying to pass to at times.

Lee – 6
Better than against Ehime, but still nowhere near the player who played against Kyoto. Unfairly penalised for the penalty, but made up for it with a well taken goal and excellent last ditch tackle in the 2nd half.

Park – 4.5
I really want him to be able to play this position, but as with Lee hasn’t looked the same since Kyoto. The last 2 games will have dented his confidence and may now have some time on the bench.

Takeda – 7
Very slow start where he was 4-5 seconds behind the pace and couldn’t really influence the game. Had 2 good long shots, and got more into the game the longer it went on. Gave away the ball for Jubilo’s 3rd goal, but then made amends by scoring with a clever free-kick which was too close to get up and down.

Nakahara – 6
We really need him to start firing. He’s the player we need to get the ball to our forwards; at the moment he isn’t making that link between defence and attack.

Mishima – 7
A little isolated when he was playing as a forward, but happy to take shots at goal and try to take on the full-back. Comfortable when moved to right-back, but has to keep supplementing attack when he plays there with his main form of defence being his attacking driving wingers back.

Jogo – 6
Part of the move to get the 2nd goal, but still needs to be making himself bigger in games and attacking balls rather than wait for them to come onto him. Not sure why he has the Captain’s arm-band, there were so many talking points and he wasn’t talking to the referee.

Sakata – 6
Honest performance as he was playing all over the pitch, and basically as Captain in the absence of Jogo saying anything. We need him in attack however and if he drops too deep we lack movement up field.

Ishizu – 7
Excellent goal and an injection of energy when he came on. Unfortunately the team can’t carry him and he has to put in defensive work as well. Hopefully he will add this and play every game, he said he knew he needed to in his post-match interview.

Hirai – 6.5
Him and Ishizu are our most natural striker partnership. I think they are similar sorts of players, and maybe similar sorts of people, and if they can both start doing what they need to in respect of helping the team could be part of the best strike-force in the division.

Kanamori – 6
Tries to defend more than Ishizu and Hirai, but isn’t great at it and has picked up 3 yellow cards in 4 games now. Had a shot to win the game late on. If he keeps trying to improve in defence he will one day be our best player.

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