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Jubilo Iwata 3 : 3 Avispa Fukuoka

Being a Saturday night game against what until this year has been J1 opposition meant that we had a lot of people watching the game last night, and supporters from a lot of teams have been saying how good we played (and how bad the referee was).
It also means there are a decent set of highlights uploaded of the game quickly…

10s: Oh Chang Hyon commits the cardinal sin of turning away from the ball at the crucial moment, and fails to step up with his central defender. He isn’t marking anyone, and leaves the striker with a fairly straight-forward header to give us an awful start.

24s: I have no idea what the referee is thinking; maybe about a big suitcase of cash from a Hong Kong betting syndicate; maybe about how he used to score a lot of goals with Maeda on Winning Eleven; maybe that the Korean guy shouldn’t be standing his ground against a Japanese player. Who knows?

48s: Good glancing header from a corner. Lee should score a few this season.

1m:03: Excellent team goal to get the ball forward quickly, but still Ishizu’s goal as he had a lot to do when he got the ball. Great first touch into space and early finish. Him and Hirai look like they can play together.

1m:46: Terrible back pass from Takeda catches the defence out of position. Still had enough time to try and do better with a cross aimed in at a forward 20cm shorter than them.

2m:30: Clever free-kick from Takeda as he kicks under the wall. Gets a lucky deflection, but deserved it and got a debut goal.


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