vs. Kyoto Sanga (youtube)   Leave a comment

It took a while to get uploaded but the highlights from the game are now available online:


My commentary:

18s: Kyoto are going to try and be cute with set pieces this season. The guy standing in front of Kamiyama definitely rattles him, but the execution of the free-kick wasn’t good enough.

29s: High Press gives us a chance which Ishizu does ok with, but it’ll take a bit more than that to beat a fairly decent keeper.

38s: Near identical corner to the one they scored against Giravanz last weekend. I’d have been annoyed if we had conceded to something which only took one match to see, but somehow Kyoto missed just before half-time. They score that we lose the game.

50s: I think Ishizu has to attack that with his head and is expecting too much if he thinks Kyoto are going to give him the time to bring it down in the box.

1m04s: I don’t know how they miss that. I thought it was called offside when I was at the game, I bet the guy who heads it wishes that it was.

1m09s: I liked their #7, he played the game with a smile and this dribble was the best piece of skill in the game but to expect to beat a keeper at his near post from their is ambitious even for J2.

1m19s: Good quick pass and move from Avispa; good enough to beat most teams in the division. Jogo should have scored, and is lucky to get a penalty (although it is clearly a hand-ball, I don’t know what the defender was doing). Terrible penalty from Sakata.

1m42s: Another godd 1-touch passing move. Hirai being exactly the man you want on the end of it, his composure in the box is insane. I thought he’d held it too long, he knew exactly what he was doing.


Posted March 13, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Match highlights

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