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Much higher scores than I’ve given in a while for one of the best performances I’ve seen at the club, unfortunately only seen by 5,500 people against one of the biggest teams in the division.

Kamiyama – 6. One of the best aspects of the performance was that our keeper didn’t really have a good game. He didn’t do anything horribly wrong either and made a couple of near post saves, but we had enough control of the game thst he wasn’t really called upon.

Mishima – 7.5 Kept getting forward and offering himself. Solid in defence and didn’t back down from anything.

Abe – 8. Mentally totally solid, kept asking for the ball and running until the 93rd minute. Targetted with high balls, but is actually not bad with his head despite his size.

Tsutsumi – 8.5 Won the battle with Oguro. Used his physique, and kept things simple when we needed someone to block the ball and clear it.

Lee – 9. Very good debut. He has set the bar high for the rest of the season. Attacked the ball and made headers, blocks and interceptions all the way through the game.

Park – 9. My Man of the Match. I had hoped that he would be able to step up to the destroyer role because we needed it so much, but after seeing him in pre-season I thought it would take time. It took no time at all, he was exactly where he needed to be, doing exactly what was needed, and it shouldn’t have escaped his attention that even though he was committed to tackles all game he didn’t get a booking. One run through 3 tackles at the end of the game even had the manager on his feet applauding.

Nakahara – 8. The defensive side which he had to develop last season made him much more solid in helping to win balls in midfield, and the intelligence, stamina and passing range he’s always had was much more effective higher up the pitch.

Sakata – 7.5 Worked hard all across the pitch, and could be his best season if he keeps adding the dimension which Pusnik has asked of him this year. A very poor penalty, but judged on more than goals he played well.

Jogo – 7.5 Was quiet at times, and still needs to attack the ball rather than waiting for it to come, but had 3 of the most important parts of the game. The run which saw Kyoto’s best defender get booked, the shot which won us the penalty, and the excellent tip on assist for Hirai’s goal.

Ishizu – 7.5 Looked back to how he started off playing and catching everyone’s eye. Full of running, working for the team, and taking shots at goal which unsettled the defence and keeper. Didn’t get his goal today, but should be happier that his efforts helped the team get the win.

Punosevac – 7. Will now come under pressure for his place after Hirai’s goal but he led the line well when he was on the pitch. Needs to give defenders a harder time under high balls, but was unlucky not to win a penalty and linked up well at times.

Hirai – 7.5 Was given the official Man of the Match award for getting the goal, and it was a very well taken goal. Showed what he is about, a striker who will get goals when they are made for him.

Kanamori – 7.5 Looked better than last week as he used his main skill; pace, to make defenders turn and run back and cause general confusion in and around the box. Should have had an assist with a well placed pass to Sakai.

Sakai – 7 Looked like he could be good. Had a huge chance to score with pretty much his first touch of the ball but it probably came too early for him. Didn’t hide afterwards and put in some nice touches and good link up including a crucial touch to get the ball for Jogo in the build-up to the goal.


Posted March 10, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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