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vs. Roasso Kumamoto (youtube)   Leave a comment

Can’t find the Avispa goal at the moment, but the 2 Roasso goals have been put up if anyone is feeling masochistic.

Goal 1.
I wanted to see the free-kick being given away as it seemed like the Roasso defender just kicked the floor with Punosevac running next to him, but it cuts straight to the free-kick.

It looks like I may have been really unfair on the Kumamoto striker yesterday as it doesn’t appear to deflect off Tsutsumi, rather get some monster swerve as the attacker slices his foot across it. Totally wrong foots Kamiyama, and I expect the player to spend all season trying to do it again and sending ball after ball into orbit.

Goal 2.
A goal straight from our corner.
As Mishima went short the ball ended up bouncing near the edge of the box with 2 Avispa players diving in but ending up being slower to the ball than a Kumamoto player.
One of the 2 absolutely had to get there, and if they didn’t at least take a yellow card for bringing the player down.

Again I should probably give the attacker more credit than I did yesterday, I thought he mis-hit the shot and it ballooned over Kamiyama, but it appears he may have known exactly what he was doing.

There are some slightly longer highlights on this local news report, but still no Avispa goal.

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