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Each season I have made a list of targets for the players to aim to achieve for the coming season.

Every player should have several goals for themselves throughout the season, but I’ve tried to think of what I think is the most important, and achievable goal for each player.
If, come the end of the season, they have achieved these goals I think they will probably have had a good season (and if all players have achieved their goal then I think we will have got promotion!).

#1 Ryuichi Kamiyama – He made a lot of improvements last season and just needs to keep on with that development. To say he needs to improve his talking, or come out for crosses, or stop the silly mistakes is too easy.
His long kicking isn’t good, and isn’t a system we really play now, but to help with his distribution I’d like to see him happier with the ball at his feet. He should try to take a touch and ‘be an extra outfield player’ at times, and be one of the first to look to take a touch to switch play across the pitch.

#2 Yuta Mishima – Make the right-back position his own. If at 20 he has 35 starts as right-back this season he could be looking at a ticket to Rio (or should be).

#3 Takumi Abe – Our full-backs must be able to cross; either low to the front or onto Puni’s head at the back post if he is on the pitch. Practice crossing and aim to have 8 assists by the end of the season.

#4 Lee Kwang Seon – All about set pieces. Score over 5, and limit the goals we concede from them to under 5. If we finish the season with a positive goal difference from set pieces it probably means he has had a good season.

#5 Masahiro Koga – Take whatever coaching badges he needs to make the next step in his career and be more useful than as playing staff.

#6 Kota Morimura – Run over 12.5km in each game. I doubt the club has the money to pay for Prozone (or whatever the Japanese equivalent is), but he’ll have an idea of how much it takes and how he should be feeling after 80 minutes. If he keeps running he will get chances to score and help to close the space in the middle of the pitch, and potentially become one of our most important players.

#7 Shoki Hirai – All about the goals. I’ll throw a crazy figure out; get 20 for the season. If he hits a groove I don’t think it’s unrealistic.

#8 Shuto Nakahara – For everything else he offers I’ll make the perhaps odd decision that it is all about goals for him too. He provides our long shooting angle (maybe only him), and if he is putting in at least one long shot a game then it will make defences step up a bit and open up space for others.
Like a catch-wrestler, if the opposition are expecting a double leg takedown they’ll defend well against it. If you start throwing a few punches and kicks then you can get the double.

#9 Bratislax Punosevac – Get a hattrick. For all the 5/6 – 0 wins we have had at times no-one has scored a hattrick since 2007, and only 5 players in the history of the club ever have.
Get a hattrick in the first half of the season and you don’t need to worry about people not passing to you any more, you’ll be a God amongst mortals.

#10 Hisashi Jogo – The time has come. He has done enough to be many neutrals favorite player in J2, and a legend at the stadium. Get serious, demand the ball, and be in the shortlist for J2 Player of the Season.

#11 Daisuke Sakata – Win a free-kick for defenders climbing at least once in each half. He is a bit too honest at times with clear fouls, and then bizarrely gets penalised against more than he gets fouls given to him.

#13 Park Kun – Be suspended before the summer. A strange target, but I want to see him kick people any time the opposition midfield is getting too settled. Do it in the first 10 minutes and you won’t get cautioned 75% of the time. Don’t get silly yellows for pulling shirts, and don’t get sent off.

#14 Takeshi Kanamori – Dribble with the ball into the penalty area at least once every game. Whether you choose to shoot or pass when you get there is another target which might need more experience, but if you are taking the ball over the ‘gain line’ then we will score goals.

#15 Christopher Kinjo – decide which player you want to be. Pick a world-leader in that position and watch games of that player and their movement (with and without the ball) every night. Don’t pick a ridiculous target like Messi, pick someone making the most of their skill-set like Yohan Cabaye.

#16 Daisuke Ishizu – Get 10 assists. You can score, that’s great. If you can score and make goals then you’ll get your move to a top J1 team. This season in J2 is the perfect opportunity to develop it, Watch youtube clips of Bergkamp and Laudrup.

#17 Kazuki Yamaguchi – Get more than 14 games in the season. He’ll be needed this season, Koga isn’t going to be able to play and we have just 3 other for the position. Come in, try to relax, and play a safety first game which will build confidence.

#18 Oh Chang Hyun – Get forward again. In your first 2 games you were doing some crazy stuff, try it again and at least have a shot at goal, or get a ball into the box 1 game in 5. If you are caught out of position you have the athleticism to at least potentially get back into position.

#19 Shunsuke Tsutsumi – Stay focused. Your versatility sees you shift around the pitch at times, play intensely enough to be undroppable at centre-back for the season and get 30+ games playing there.

#20 Noriyoshi Sakai – No idea. Haven’t seen any games yet, get fit and in the team I guess. Oh, and get a new tracksuit, that RUN DMC one you were wearing on TV the other night was ridiculous.

#21 Eijiro Takeda – Over 30 games for the season. Left-back has some competition this season, but from what I have seen (especially playing out of position in midfield) you have the energy and skill to be first choice. Get up and down the pitch, play the right crosses at the right time and be an obvious choice for left-back and hopefully a full-time contract at the end of the season.

#22 Masaya Nozacki – If by the end of the season you have started more than 3 games it will mean that when you’ve come on as substitute you’ve done something to catch the eye of the manager.

#23 Keisuke Shimizu – You have to add something to your game. At the moment you aren’t big enough to come for crosses every time, or make a big obstacle for 1-on-1s, you need to add something different. I would say to watch van der Sar videos and be incredibly fast to come off your line and act as a sweeper keeper. You need to do something to make yourself an option.

#24 Yuya Mitsunaga – By the end of the season I hope you’ve had 5-10 substitute appearances, possibly in midfield, and any extra chances you may be called to do in J3 with the U-22 team.

#25 Eita Kasagawa – Another season as 3rd choice? Do whatever it takes in training so that when Kamiyama gets suspended or injured you are the one getting time on the pitch.

#27 Jang Jung Wong – Any of the following; bench press 150kg, run under 11.5 seconds for 100m, run a half-marathon in under 1 hour 15 minutes, score over 13 on the shuttle run.
You need to something to show you are doing everything you can to be given a chance in the team and then take it when you get it.

#28 Taku Ushinohama – Enjoy being the super-sub. Watch the game when your sitting on the ebcnh, listen to the manager, but also look for where the space is yourself. When you get the chances keep running for 25 minutes and finish the season with over 5 goals.


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