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Full highlights of a pre-season match is one of the plus points of having a match against J-League opposition in our stadium.

Worth watching for an entertaining match in which we score 2 good goals against J1 opponents, and have 5 more goals of varying levels of defending and refereeing.

Another game which we lost in the last 10 minutes, but it was against J1 opposition, and with us as the better team for a large part of the game.

Keisuke Shimizu – 5. Weak for the second goal when he seems to be moving towards his next move before even getting the ball, and struggled to get to crosses.

Takumi Abe – 6. Did try to get forward when he could, and had a couple of decent link-ups, but was 50:50 with his crossing.

Yuta Mishima – 7. Starting to get a bit of attitude, and looks like he’ll be one of our most important attcking outlets this season. Kept running all game. Will have learned from being pushed away for the free-kick goal.

Shunsuke Tsutsumi – 7. Needs to start seeing himself as the most important and experienced member of the defence, and with that added responsibility will hopefully get serious like the first half of last season.

Lee Kwang Seon – 6. Battled in the air, and got penalised for one amazing attacking in the first half incorrectly. Would be a 7, but seems to hit a clearance directly up in the air once every 45 minutes.

Park Kun – 7. When he was good we were good. I’m sure defensive midfield is his best role as he can pick a pass forward, is very good when he kicks people, and could dominate in the air. Seemed very tired in the last 10 minutes.

Eijiro Takeda – 7. Surprised me. Got put in midfield which may be an unfamiliar role for him but didn’t look fazed at all. Didn’t stop running and has given the manager a real option for midfield when we need to have running in midfield. Wins the battle for left-back at the moment.

Kota Morimura – 8. Exactly what the team needed, a young guy who kept running and put in a couple of good set pieces. Was tired at the end, but understandably so, he’d run well over 12km. Tired finish to miss what would have been a winning goal, but should keep getting into that position.

Shoki Hirai – 7. Well taken goal, and started to run and link up better. Our formation requires a forward line who can switch roles and he is going to need to play the wings at times.

Hisashi Jogo – 7. Quiet in the first half but kept running in the second half and the ball between centre-back and left-back is going to be good food for him and get us goals late on in games.

Bratislav Punosevac – 8. I still think he will get better, but this was his best performance for us so far. Excellent header going back for the first, perfect nudge header to assist the second, and awake to get the third. If he plays 2-3 games like this he’ll be written on for the first team and the Japanese players will start to use him rather than compete with him.

Ryuichi Kamiyama – 7. One excellent block with his legs to stop a certain goal, and barked out orders to the defence well. Not a lot of chance for either goal. Clear first choice keeper.

Yuya Mitsunaga – 6. Came more and more into the game as the half went on, and was better in attack than in defence. Isn’t ready for the first team yet, and may benefit from a few games on the left wing before being moved back.

Shuto Nakahara – 7. Composed in bringing the ball out of defence and didn’t look out of place against J1 opposition.

Daisuke Ishizu – 8. I thought he looked better than last season, not because he took a bunch of shots, but because he didn’t. Was much better at choosing the correct option at the correct time. Could have had one goal with a shot across goal, which equally could have popped back out after being saved, and should have had an assist with his excellent header down to Morimura.

Daisuke Sakata – 7. Ran well and is exactly the sort of experienced player for the younger players to look up to. I think he has an issue with balls being played up to him. He gets fouled so much by players climbing over him, but more often than not gets fouls called against him. I’m not sure what the answer is, but unfortunately he might need to go down a little more easily.

Kazuki Yamaguchi – 4. I felt sorry for him. He actually did OK when he first came on, but after making a couple of little mistakes you could see him getting flustered and then had the referee give a very weak decision against him.


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