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It has been announced that the shirt front sponsor for the last year and a half ‘Nishitetsu’ is now going to be the sponsor of the training wear for the club.

It is good news in terms of the finances of the club as we have gone from having just a shirt sleeve sponsor (Fukuya) during our time in J1 to now having a shirt sleeve sponsor (Fukuya), a shirt back sponsor (Broad-minded), a shorts sponsor (Emotent) and now a sponsor for the training wear.

It also suggests that there may be an announcement about a shirt front sponsor coming if the previous shirt sponsor has moved away to sponsor the tracksuits instead.

It is a great opportunity for a company somewhere, Avispa are a club representing one of the biggest cities in Japan and do get good coverage in the media.

I haven’t heard any names beyond the rare earth metals company which already has pitch side advertising, and LINE, which would be a huge deal for the club and makes sense with the company having recently moved down to the city.

Personally I think that there would be an amazing deal for one of the airlines to do a deal.
Level-5 stadium is about 1km from the airport and has a steady stream of airplanes taking off over the stadium at every game. There must be a big chance for a photo-shoot for an airline company having their plane take off in the back-ground of a match as the players are wearing their shirt.
It also makes sense for them to be advertising at the football because there must be an enormous amount of money spent by football fans and clubs flying to matches across the country (and overseas tournaments) every weekend.

It would be great to get a big player like ANA of JAL, and they don’t seem to sponsor anyone at the moment, but even a tier below them Starflyer and Peach have recently opened up new flights to Fukuoka.

Posted February 2, 2014 by avispafukuoka in News

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