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The league have announced the first 2 games of the season as we start to get closer to 2014 kicking off.

The j-league generally seem to like giving games which should be popular as the first games and like 2012 we start the season with a local derby against Roasso Kumamoto.
We won that game with a great goal by Sakata on debut and it would be a very good start to do the same again but this time the game is away and we haven’t had a fun time away to Kumamoto recently.
They have signed a lot of new players who will go into their first team, including a couple who I think might do very well, so playing them first game could be a good thing.

The second game is another big one, Kyoto Sanga at home.
Kyoto are one of the biggest clubs in j2 having dropped from j1 recently, but like jef seem to find something to avoid promotion every year.
They have been too good for us every time i’ve seen us play them, although we have always played well in spells.

They have actually lost some good players going into the new season and not replaced them with the same quality.
Their new players might come good, but if we control 60% of the game this time they might not have the experience to weather the storm and come back.


Posted January 24, 2014 by avispafukuoka in News

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