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When looking at the squad for this season the biggest difference to me is that we now have competition for all positions on the pitch.
There might not be the established name of a Naruoka Sho or player with obvious standing in one position, but rather lots of players competing with each other to get a game in front of the fans.
I believe this can only help the team this year. Last season we started the season with only one recognised right back, Miyamoto. Now I thought he did ok, but to have only one guy going for a position and able to coast a bit in training knowing he’ll get a game is a disaster.
As it happened Pusnik saw the potential in Mishima and the rest is history. With more hungry players at the club, like Mishima last season, I expect Pusnik to polish some more rough diamonds.

Here I will list each position on the pitch and what order i think the players are for each position from what I saw on saturday.

1: Kamiyama
2: Shimizu
3: Kasawa

Right back:
1: Mishima
2: Tsutsumi
3: Oh

Left back:
1: Takeda
2: Abe
3: Mitsunaga

Centre back ( stopper ):
1: Seon
2: Yamaguchi
3: Koga

Centre back ( ball player ) :
1: Tsutsumi
2: Park
3: Koga

1: Nakahara
2: Park
3: Tsutsumi
4: Tamura

Midfield ( box to box) :
1: Nakahara
2: Morimura
3: Nozaki
4: Chris

Midfield ( attacking the box)
1: jogo
2: Morimura
3: Nozaki
4: Ishizu
5: jang

Right wing:
1: Jogo
2: kanemori
3: Hirai
4: Mishima
5: Ushinohama

Left wing:
1: Ishizu
2: Sakata
3: Takeda
4: Abe
5: Mitsunaga

1: Sakata
2: Hirai
3: Punosevac
4: Jogo
5: Ishizu

Ive not included Sakai having never seen him, but seeing that list I hope he is a really good midfield anchor as that looks the area where we need someone to really claim the position .

Posted January 22, 2014 by avispafukuoka in Opinion

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