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As Pusnik gets back to start the pre-season proper the club have also announced the squad numbers for the coming season.

As always it is impossible to ever say too much from the squad numbers (Funayama was #8 last year and hardly a key player at the club, while Koga keeps #5 this year and isn’t likely to figure much in my opinion), but it does allow you to guess at a few things.

#1 – Ryuichi Kamiyama
#2 – Yuta Mishima
#3 – Takumi Abe
#4 – Lee Kwang Seon
#5 – Masahiro Koga
#6 – Kota Morimura
#7 – Shoki Hirai
#8 – Shuto Nakahara
#9 – Bratislav Punosevac
#10 – Hisashi Jogo
#11 – Daisuke Sakata
#12 – Supporter Number
#13 – Park Kun
#14 – Takeshi Kanemori
#15 – Chris Kinjo
#16 – Daisuke Ishizu
#17 – Kazuki Yamaguchi
#18 – Oh Chang Hyon
#19 – Shunsuke Tsutsumi
#20 – Noriyoshi Sakai
#21 – Eijiro Takeda
#22 – Masaya Nozaki
#23 – Keisuke Shimizu
#24 – Yuya Mitsunaga
#25 – Eita Kasagawa
#27 – Jang Jung Won
#28 – Taku Ushinohama

Interesting points.
– As exepected Kamiyama retains the #1 shirt and should start the season despite Shimizu coming in on loan.

– Mishima taking #2 hopefully shows that after doing well when asked to do a job at right-back Mishima now thinks that that is where his future may lie.
The role of the full-back is so important in the way which we are set up (and in much of the modern game) but doesn’t seem to be that highly regarded as a position in Japan.
Mishima will hopefully now continue to keep getting forward while getting more experience and becoming one of our most important players for the next 5 years as right-back.

– Takumi Abe gets the #3 shirt ahead of Eijiro Takeda for left-back.

– Koga keeps #5 because of his stature in the team, but is unlikely to start. I expect to see Seon and Tsutsumi start the first game with Tsutsumi and Park keeping their shirts from last year.

– Shoki Hirai has played much of his career as an out and out striker but by taking the #7 here suggests he will start as one of the inside forwards, probably on the right. Means we have Hirai/Kanemori/Jogo/Taku going for right wing positions, Sakata/Ishizu/Sakai? on the left, with all of them able to move inside to support Punosevac.

– Nakahara gets a big shirt in #8. Typically the position he played last year would get #4, but in Japan that seems to be given to defenders. I still hope by taking #8 he moves slightly forward with Park/Tsutsumi/Sakai behind him.

– Ishizu keeps #16. Maybe he likes the shirt, but a bit of a surprise after scoring the goals he did last year. I guess there is no chance of what would be his natural shirt in #11 as Sakata stays.

– Morimura gets #6. In England that would be central defence, but here I think it means he is likely to be playing central midfield. That is still the area of the pitch where there is no obvious player. I think we will be playing any 2 from Nakahara/Jogo/Morimura/Nozaki/Sakai, maybe even Ishizu, with the first 3 names the most likely.


Posted January 15, 2014 by avispafukuoka in News, Opinion

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