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With the final day of the off-season came announcements on the final few squad members who were yet to have their plans for 2014 made public.

These were all good, positive signings for the most part and the squad is looking like it has a good mix of the better players from last season who have an understanding of Pusnik’s system, and some young, hopefully pacy, energetic players to replace some of the less effective players.

Hisashi Jogo.

The biggest news is that club talisman Jogo has again turned his back on contract offers from J1 clubs to stay at his home town club.

I’m not sure what to make of it. While I’m very pleased to have one of the best players (on his day) still at the club, I think everyone is a little interested to see how good if could get surrounded a other los players around him.

Signing a new deal at this stage of his career I think it might mean he will stay at Avispa for life, and become a real legend who would also be guaranteed a job at the end of his playing career. He is an intelligent guy, who trains hard and is a very good role model to have for the younger players at the club in a Danny BLind type role as we look to bring younger players in.

I’d like to see him now played centrally. I know if reds himself as a central forward, but I think his best position could be central midfield in front of a midfield anchor where he is free to make his late runs into the box, and forced to be part of the game.

Daisuke Ishizu.

The next biggest question would be if Ishizu started itching for a move after having a season which say him end as top scorer for the club.

He is a guy who clearly likes the glamour attached to the game, and I can only guess he has an agent somewhere who has seen enough young players to know that his stock for a move is high after the numbers he put in last season.

Going to somewhere like Kawasaki would have been the worst thing for his career at this stage. He needs games to get better, and going somewhere to sit on the bench (even if he does earn more money) ruins his early potential. 

There are lots of examples of this, he doesn’t need to look far to see the careers of Sueyoshi and Nagasato, or even closer Kanakubo Jun. They seem to be friends, but while Kanakubo might look like a guy with it made a closer look at his numbers shows he has sat on the bench at Omiya for years and then failed to do much at J2 level. 

Compare that to Jogo who has played nearly 250 games.

Park Kun

It’s never easy making the transition from University team to professional, Park had the added complication of doing it in a foreign country in a team who had nearly the worst defence in the league the previous year.

I thought he did well, and his partnership with Tsutsumi looked our strongest. He is happier with the ball in front of him, and is comfortable under long balls landing on his head, but gets in trouble with attackers using their upper body to turn him.

Will probably have much of this season playing alongside country-man Seon which will help him, and of those two is probably the more likely to be playing the ball out.

He shouldn’t lose sight of the fact he came to us as someone who might be able to play in midfield, and with a reputation for free-kicks. It didn’t always work out for him going forward last season but is an important part of his future as a ball playing centre back.

Bratislav Punosevac

In his first game for us if looked like he had everything needed to score 25 goals a season in this division, and I’m sure if thought I’d probably should, so it must have been a disappointment to finish the season with no league goals.

His link up play improved, especially with Sakata and Kanamori, but ishizu and Kanakubo seemed to refuse to pass to him at times. All he needs is a goal to relax and I think he could come good and make a career in Japan.

Coming from a country of tall people I feel he may have not had the experience of being someone to aim at in the box tackle than most people around him and should work to improve his back post play in particular.

Having said that he also needs better delivery from the wings for that and is hopefully something they’ll be working on pre season as Puni plays on the posts and Jogo makes some late runs into the box.

Masahiro Koga

I’m surprised to see him have another year at the club. It looked to me like he retired mid-game at the end of last season and can only guess he had years on his contrac as surely they wouldn’t give him another year on what must be the biggest contract at the club.

He is too slow for J2, and especially in the system we are playing, and doesn’t seem to be vocal enough to organise or encourage the players around him.

There seems to be a system in place where older players in Japan are given a career by some lower level club which allows them to jog out their final days on a big contract. We’ve had it before with Makoto Tanaka and while he was better than Koga is something the club has to stop. No fans are coming to the stadium to see an average J1 level defender see out his career.

The club should have offered him a 5 year deal, but on less money, paying for his coaching badges, and coaching the U-16 team. It’s a deal which would suit everyone (except his agent) much better.

Jin Jang Won

Didn’t get on the pitch last year with a manager willing to play youngsters.

I hope I’d has gone into training every day over the off season with an aim to build his physical attributes and pace to catch the manager’s eye in the new season.

Looked good on the ball last year, but wasn’t ever going to be fast enough to get on it or strong enough to stay on it at men’s level.

Probably looks amazing at youth level but has to work on his physique and get a game this year.



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