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As the start of pre-season gets closer we are starting votive something which looks like a squad.

2 New players have arrived, and they have fit into the mould of being young players who will hopefully be eager to learn, and hungry outfit into the Avispa squad.
It also has the huge advantage of not carrying big wage demands like someone like Koga or Norihisa Shimizu.

Masaya Nozaki
Arriving from Urawa Reds is this 20 year old midfielder who I hope is someone who plays in the middle.
As a 20 year old with no league experience I doubt he will be the answer to our defensive midfield position, but having been at Urawa for 3 years since high school, and now just being released on loan you’d hope there was something about him.
He has some big names ahead of him at Urawa so hasn’t had a game, and I know nothing about him but there are people at the club who should. Jinno arrived having been something to do with them and you’d hope he had some inside knowledge about which players it’s worth trying to bring down.

Takumi Abe
The second young guy arrives from Matsumoto having been loaned out by FC Tokyo.
Able to play at left back where we so far have no set players he may end up getting a lot of games.
Similar to the other players brought in I know very little about him, he’s got j2 experience having been loaned 3 times starting with Yokohama when he was 19, but the fact that clubs keep wanting to take him and Tokyo are still not releasing him is a good sign.

Watching an interview with Pusnik this afternoon he was emphasising how we needed fast players, and I think this is especially the case with Abe. I’ve seen people say that physically width very good, and at 165cm I’m guessing they are not talking about in the air.
Tokyo did produce another very good, fast, small left back; let’s hope Abe had a good look at Nagatomo before he left.


Posted January 3, 2014 by avispafukuoka in News

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