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From tomorrow Japan enters a bit of a holiday mode. Many clubs and companies are going to be closed for business and Avispa don’t even have enough players confirmed for next season to get 11 players on the pitch.

I expect most of the players who are not yet released from the club to stay at the club, but as last season showed that group of players isn’t going to be good enough to get the club where they want to go. In fact the group who remain plus the 8 we have released weren’t good enough for where we needed to go, with only a youth player brought in.

By the time the holiday period is over we will have about a week before pre-season training starts, and it is looking more and more like we might be picking over the players who no-one else wanted to sign, or couldn’t find anywhere else to go.
Potentially that could be a good thing as clubs use their budgets too early and there are players left over who need to find a club, but conversely it could mean that the most in-demand players are already taken and we are left with sub-standard options.

From the list of rumors I had read from last month Koji Noda had this week gone to V-Varen Nagasaki, and Mikami has gone to Kataller Toyama. Another name which was coming up often was Aoki who has returned to Thespa Kusatsu.
It is well documented that we don’t have a huge amount of cash lying around, but surely we should be able to compete for contracts with these clubs.

I expect things to get moving now the new President has been announced, there are a few new rumours going around, but at the moment the confirmed 2014 squad is looking a little thin:

Confirmed 2014 Squad.
Eita Kasagawa – 3rd choice goal-keeper.
Yuya Mitsunaga – 18 year old fullback from youth squad.
Oh Chan Hyon – Back-up right back.
Shunsuke Tsutsumi – Potentially best defender in J2, but can switch off.
Yuta Mishima – Right-back / Right midfield. 2nd year as professional.
Taku Ushinohama – Impact substitute.
Takeshi Kanamori – 2nd year pro attacker.
Daisuke Sakata – Focal point for attack, star striker.

To put our lack of signings into some perspective it may be worth looking at what other clubs in J2 have been up to.

Montedio Yamagata: 8 players in, 5 players out (+3)
Fagiano Okayama: 9 players in, 6 players out (+3)
Tokyo Verdy: 7 players in, 5 players out (+2)
Consadole Sapporo: 7 players in, 5 players out (+2)
Matsumoto Yamaga: 7 players in, 6 players out (+1)
Kataller Toyama: 7 players in, 7 players out (+0)
Mito Hollyhock: 5 players in, 5 players out (+0)
Shonan Bellmare: 10 players in, 10 players out (+0)
V-Varen Nagasaki: 3 players in, 4 players out (-1)
Yokohama FC: 4 players in, 5 players out (-1)
Kyoto Sanga: 4 players in, 5 players out (-1)
Thespa Kusatsu: 6 players in, 7 players out (-1)
Roasso Kumamoto: 7 players in, 9 players out (-2)
Jubilo Iwata: 6 players in, 9 players out (-3)
Giravanz Kitakyushu: 2 players in, 5 players out (-3)
JEF United: 4 players in, 8 players out (-4)
Ehime FC: 7 players in, 11 players out (-4)
Avispa Fukuoka: 1 player in, 8 players out (-7)
Oita Trinita: 8 players out (-8)
Tochigi SC: 3 players in, 11 players out (-8)
FC Gifu: 15 players out (-15)!

Posted December 27, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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