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Of the players left in the Avispa squad from last year there are only 3 who I think have any chance to go to another club in J1 or J2 if they don’t re-sign to Avispa; Ishizu, Kanakubo and Tsutsumi. Everybody else will need to drop to J3, or a club near the bottom of J2 if they want to stay as professional footballers.

Shunsuke Tsutsumi.

Of those 3 Kanakubo isn’t even our player, Ishizu should stay unless his agent gives him crazy ideas after scoring a few goals, but Tsutsumi was a player I could see a few lower level J1 clubs thinking about giving a chance.

That has changed today as Tsutsumi has signed for another year. He has had a mixed time at Avispa. After his first year I don’t think many people would have cared if he stayed or left, but I always thought he had all the attributes needed to be one of the best defenders in the division.

This season he was given a bit more responsibility in the squad, and for the first half of the season was our best player. He wasn’t just our best player, he was our best centre-back, best right-back, and after a really good finish to get his first league goal looked like he could be our best striker too.

Things went off the boil a little bit as we had our poor run of games and he lost some of his focus, but when put back into a partnership with Park in the last 5 games of the season looked like he could be getting back towards his best and ready to build for 2014.

Oh Chan Hyon

If Tsutsumi had a bit of an up and down time for the last 2 years at Avispa, Oh Chan Hyon has had an even more shaky time.

He got his debut early in 2012 and immediately started doing the most crazy pieces of skill to beat players as he pushed on in attack, and looked like if he could calm down a bit in defence he could be a very exciting player.

It then seemed he must have upset someone because despite us not having any right-backs for the 2nd half of the season he didn’t even make the bench and was loaned out to Nagasaki at the end of the season.

He was brought back to Avispa in the summer and looked like a different player. He got a chance due to our continued problems at right-back and while he kept the outstanding athletic attributes didn’t seem able to go forward any more.
Fairly solid at the back, while making some silly errors (he seemed to be the only person in Japan who didn’t realise it was a very bad idea to give Matsumoto Yamaga throw-ins near our penalty box) he will be a good squad player for right-back, I just hope we see some more of his crazy attacking at some point.

Chris Kinyo.
Arrived out of nowhere in the summer having lived in America and played for the Dusseldorf youth squads he is someone who has a lot of the tools needed to potentially do well.

Physically he looks the part, and while he doesn’t have incredible pace he does get around the pitch and has the height to add something to the game.
Can’t possibly have imagined his debut when he came into a game where we had 9 men on the pitch and Jogo in goal, but after being asked to play in defence he did it and acquitted himself well.

Really needs experience and time on the pitch, as the couple of times he has had games I’ve felt he was snatching at things a little bit and perhaps not showing everything he can do.
I think he is probably best served to aim as a box-to-box midfielder and as an area we are quite thin on he could well get a chance to show what he can do.
Having got another year contract the best thing he could do now is stay out for 20 minutes when training is finished and show the manager that he is ready and hungry for when the chance inevitable comes to pick someone to come into the team.


Posted December 25, 2013 by avispafukuoka in News

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